The Year of Adaptation: A Recap of 2021

As we come to the close of the year, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on just how much we’ve grown as an industry. Whereas 2020 was marked by change, 2021 was a year of adaptation—for consumers, advertisers, retailers and all of us at Quotient. The world of media and promotions has adapted rapidly to the new landscape of consumer behavior, and through it all, it has become clear that to succeed going forward requires that we continue to create and deliver value.

That makes it an exciting time to work in the industry of promotions and media! Here are some of the ways we are focusing on bringing value to our network in 2022.

Leading with Value in 2022

All around us, factors such as supply chain, inflation and workforce pressures are contributing to consumers becoming increasingly price conscious. This means they are looking for value, and for advertisers and retailers it creates a responsibility as well as an opportunity.

Moving into 2022, lower-funnel marketing investments have the potential to resonate with a generation of shoppers and earn their loyalty. Knowing that many consumers are making shopping choices based on price, brands can prioritize value over other tactics—leveraging digital promotions as a critical last-mile tactic to retain loyalty and drive trial and sales. Promotions can be amplified with other forms of media like social, digital out-of-home and sponsored search to reach consumers across an omnichannel shopping journey in a way that’s targeted, personalized and measurable.

When I think about how we can emphasize value in the months ahead, I’m inspired by Quotient’s annual Hack Day competition where team members from across our global offices came together to brainstorm new ways we can serve our end clients. This year, I was pleased to see that many of the winning teams’ pitches focused on promotion innovations that create value for both shoppers and brands—automating the creation process, enhancing the personalization of offers and even a “pay-it-forward” solution for turning cash-back savings into charitable giving. And while these ideas are still in their early stages, they demonstrate how promotions can be creatively deployed to serve a variety of business and shopper needs.

On a Personal Note

Reflecting on our ever-evolving mission as marketers, it’s part of our job to think about how we can be most valuable to our partners as well as consumers. I take pride in Quotient’s role in helping consumers safely and conveniently access their daily necessities, and I want to thank our wonderful retailer and advertiser partners who entrust us with delivering their messages to consumers every day.

My gratitude extends doubly to the team at Quotient. I get to work with incredibly talented people who are dedicated to developing best-in-class solutions for every situation. You are at the forefront of everything we do, and I’m so proud of the results we’ve achieved as a team.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work, your persistence and your innovative thinking to keep finding new ways to make shopping better. Here’s to a new, value-focused year ahead.