Special Announcement: Quotient Social-Influencer Solution Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

We’re ecstatic to officially announce our 2020 Martech Breakthrough Influencer Marketing Innovation Award win! Quotient’s Social-Influencer Solution was selected as a winner from over 2,750 submissions.

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes the best companies, technologies, products and services in marketing, advertising and sales technology. We couldn’t be prouder or more honored to share this win with other winners including Adobe, Hootsuite, MailChimp and other innovative colleague companies.   

Our Social-Influencer Solution drives results while striving to make marketing more meaningful and the web more beautiful by matching shoppers with stunning influencer content catered specifically to them. Even during unprecedented times, we can pivot campaigns to support audiences with relevant and inspiring content.

Our (Not-so-Secret) Formula for
Guaranteed Social-Influencer Success 

Step 1: Data-driven Insights from Muse™

All campaigns begin with our platform Muse™, which uncovers key audience insights, provides social trend forecasting data and allows us to seamlessly meet shoppers along their path to purchase. Muse is a proprietary source of influencer content data and trends that guides our creative production. We are able to track conversation and content in a broader category, presenting both high-volume and fast-emerging trends along with visual inspiration.  

Step 2: Tapping Our Curated Network of Over 10,000 Trusted Micro Influencers 

Next is our vetted network of over 10,000 talented and engaging social media micro-influencers. Using our Quality Traffic Test and Brand Match Score, influencers from our partner network are recommended specifically based on brand audience, campaign goals and objectives.

Step 3: Measuring and Guaranteeing Success 

Most importantly, our Social-Influencer Solution delivers measurable impressions through 100% paid social media. By eliminating follower fraud and enabling precise targeting, every impression hits the target audience on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest or Tik Tok.

Our solution helped secure BOTH a 2020 Effie AND a Silver Reggie for Mars Wrigley earlier this year! Read more about the award-winning campaign here:
Quotient “SNICKERS® World Wrestling Entertainment at Dollar General” Campaign Awarded 2020 Effie and Reggie

Pandemic-Proof Pivoting  

A key asset for any marketing solution (especially in social marketing!) is the ability to rapidly change content in response to current events. In May, we quickly adapted the BIC Multi-Purpose lighters campaign focused on celebrating milestones, like birthdays or graduations, to be COVID-19 aware by encouraging people to remain socially distant. This campaign inspired audiences to safely enjoy long days at home with family while still virtually celebrating these special occasions. We were able to uncover keywords related to COVID-19, generate a timely influencer campaign and share interesting and safe content with shoppers to get through the uncertain months ahead.

Check out our ebook,
“Socializing While Social Distancing: Using Social Media to Connect During COVID-19″ for tips on how brands can thoughtfully connect with shoppers during COVID-19. 

During a time of 24/7 information and endless content scrolling, it’s now more important than ever for brands to be able to break through the noise with innovative marketing solutions. With Quotient, deliver beneficial, meaningful and timely content rooted in data — guaranteed to reach the right people at the right time. 

Interested in innovating your Social-Influencer Marketing programs with our award-winning solution? Get in touch with us here or drop us a note at communications@quotient.com.