Saving Money Has a New Look

With the holidays right around the corner and inflation forcing prices higher in almost every category, saving money is certainly top of mind for American consumers. 

But as shoppers hunt for bargains, it may surprise you to learn that traditional print coupons are becoming harder to find—and it’s because consumers have changed how they prefer to save. 

Despite relentless inflationary and supply-chain pressures putting strain on consumers’ wallets in the U.S., coupon distribution and usage has declined. Writing for the New York Times in June, Lydia DePillis observed that paper coupons are just too much of an inconvenience: “Increasingly time-strapped consumers don’t want to deal with even small hassles to save a few dollars on toothpaste.” 

Marketing professor Eric Anderson explained to the Times that marketers realize they need to deliver discounts and promotions to consumers in seamless ways, but “it’s not clear that traditional coupons do this.” 

The Emphasis on Seamless Savings 

While modern consumers might not find traditional coupons to be as convenient as they once did, it doesn’t change the fact that saving money has become increasingly important. In response, coupons have taken on a new look. 

In today’s world of promotions, the objective is to meet consumers where they are, at the right moment, with the type of savings that they want. Digital coupon delivery allows offers to be personalized and, therefore, more relevant for a particular consumer. By seamlessly integrating promotions across apps, eCommerce sites and retailer loyalty programs, it gives consumers options to redeem an offer whichever way they find most convenient. For an increasing number of consumers, their preference is to earn cash back. 

Cash Back: A Modern Method to Save  

Cash back is a form of rebate where shoppers receive a refund after making a purchase. Today, customers are commonly rewarded with cash back by credit card companies, browser add-ons and even shopping apps. 

When discussing seamless ways to save, cash-back offers are at the top of the list.   

Cash back doesn’t require paper, clipping, printing or mailing. It’s easy, seamless, mobile and satisfying—and a great way to stretch budgets and fight inflation. 

Quotient facilitates cash-back offers to help shoppers earn money on everyday purchases, like groceries, personal care items, baby supplies, and more. 

Upgraded Savings on Shopmium

Today’s consumers may have adopted new methods, but they aren’t losing focus on saving. Quotient’s direct-to-consumer Shopmium app is a modern consumer touchpoint that allows brands to reach value-seeking shoppers efficiently. 

Shopmium is a free app that gives consumers the power to decide how they prefer to save by allowing them to shop at their choice of stores and earn cash back on their purchases. Shoppers simply purchase featured products online or in-store, take a picture of the receipt and receive cash back paid straight into their PayPal account with no threshold for payout. 

The upside: No paper, no printing, no forgetting coupons at home—all the savings via cash back are right on your phone, which most modern consumers are attached to throughout their day. 

As a new asset in Quotient’s Promotions Network, Shopmium invites consumers to earn cash back on the things they buy everyday through offers that are redeemable at retailers across the U.S. 


To learn more about Quotient’s approach to promotions and our new consumer-friendly Shopmium app, contact us at today.