Quotient Shortlisted for Digiday’s Best Influencer Marketing Platform Technology Award

We’re excited to announce that Quotient is a finalist for the 2020 Digiday “Best Influencer Marketing Platform” Technology Award! The Digiday Awards seek to recognize tech companies who are pioneering the industry through advances in marketing, advertising, personalization and much more.

This year, companies faced an abundance of unforeseen challenges – but through developments in eCommerce, machine-learning and more, are still able to successfully reach, connect and engage with their target audiences.

According to Digiday,

“This year’s short-listed nominees firmly demonstrated that technology companies and their media clients are two sides of the same coin — each responsible for enabling content, advertising and e-commerce to flourish across the digital ecosystem.”

Quotient’s Social-Influencer Solution continues to rise to the varied challenges 2020 presents. We are able to successfully engage consumers with meaningful content through even the most turbulent times thanks to our unique formula for success, including analyzing past and ongoing consumer behavior and trend data.

How We Market Effectively in 2020 

Once our team uncovers trends to inspire ideas, we look to our influencer network to create beautiful, brand-safe content. This network is filled with 10,000+ high-quality videographers, lifestyle bloggers, recipe creators, and more. What’s unique about Quotient’s influencer network is that we don’t recruit based on follower count or earned reach. We work with influencers based on the quality of their blog content and social channels—and their authenticity within their category.

Our unique set of first-and second-party data assets can be used for targeting in our Social-Influencer campaigns. These segments draw from retailer loyalty card data (exclusive to Quotient), category trend data to identify consumer behavior on Social, location and Point of Sale data and coupon purchase/shopper intent data. Our team handles all of the campaign’s paid media and promotion for the content created. We reach target shoppers on Social by combining several layers of impactful data sources.

These data assets can also be used for post-program analysis to measure incremental retail sales, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), buy rate, in-store foot traffic, online sales conversion, brand lift, etc. Finally, our back-end analytics allow CPG brands to understand how their influencer marketing campaigns performed in driving sales and optimize moving forward.

Bringing Happiness, Cheer and Social Insights
to an Unpredictable Holiday Season

To provide some context on just some of the valuable insights our solution reveals, we pulled platform data to help provide highlights for a recent webinar session, “Data-First Recommendations for a Breakthrough Q4.” We analyzed Quotient’s social and first-party sales data from holidays celebrated earlier in 2020 along with current keyword trends to identify emerging patterns and areas of opportunity for the upcoming holiday season. One holiday we reviewed was this year’s 4th of July — we found that consumers were quite busy getting creative at home with newfound recipes, cooking and DIY drink-making skills.

Our review of sales and social data from earlier holiday celebrations in 2020 reflected an overall trend of “How” NOT “If.”

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, Quotient’s social trend data shows that “Holiday Recipe” and “Cook Along” increased in social engagement 16% and 64% this year compared to 2019.

Quotient Muse Data (7/31/20-9/26/20 vs. 7/31/19-9/26/19

Brands should take this opportunity to help audiences navigate this unknown holiday period by serving as a trusted advisor: from sharing fresh, inspiring recipes for consumers to try, as well as working with influencers to create content that can help guide them through unconventional holiday gatherings. This year, we encourage brands to brighten audiences’ holiday season by offering valuable ideas and new traditions that can help create memorable experiences despite current limitations.

To hear our full takeaways for the upcoming holiday season from our recent session, be sure to check out our free on-demand webinar: “Data-First Recommendations for a Breakthrough Q4.”

During a time of 24/7 information and endless content scrolling, it’s important for brands to be able to break through the noise with innovative marketing solutions. With Quotient, deliver beneficial, meaningful and timely content rooted in data — guaranteed to reach the right people at the right time. 

Interested in innovating your Social-Influencer Marketing programs with our award-winning solution? Get in touch with us here or drop us a note at communications@quotient.com.