Quotient Is Launching National Rebates: Here’s What That Means for Brands

Today is a big day for the Quotient team. We can finally announce a project that we’ve been working on for a while: the launch of our new National Rebates platform

Quotient was created in 1998 after CEO and Founder, Steven Boal, saw someone clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and thought there had to be an easier, more efficient way. While we’ve since expanded our portfolio from promotions to include solutions like Sponsored Search for eCommerce, Social-Influencer and Digital-Out-Of-Home, our goal remains the same: we want to transform shopping to make life better.  

Read on to discover how our new National Rebates platform is bringing digital savings into the twenty-first century using a retailer-agnostic, brand-first experience. 

National Rebates Drive Purchase Intent for Value-Focused Consumers

Phone mockup showing the home screen of the National Rebates app. Text reads, "Hundreds of offers. No minimum payout. Save at any store (get itemized receipt).
Consumers have the flexibility to redeem offers at any store in the US with an itemized receipt and receive quick Cash Back with no minimum balance required for payout.

Value has historically been a huge driver for consumers, and it’s only gotten more important during the pandemic. In September alone, Quotient Internal Data shows that coupon activations were up 5% and coupon redemptions were up 14% compared to pre-COVID (January 2020). Shoppers are looking for convenient ways to save on everyday purchases; easily accessible rebates are a great way that brands can help meet this need. 

Current rebate providers (also referred to as Cash Back offers) on the market are limited in when, where and how consumers can receive their rebates. Some have certain minimum balances that shoppers must meet before they can receive their payouts. Others are limited in when they can pay out rebates to consumers. 

That’s not the case with Quotient’s new National Rebates platform. In order to deliver the most impact, we believe that consumers must have a choice in how and where they save. We’ve designed our platform to offer an exceptional user experience by allowing consumers to redeem offers at any store in the US with an itemized receipt—both in-store and through pick-up and delivery—and receive quick Cash Back with no minimum balance required for payout. The platform will also offer integration with major retailers, providing a seamless digital consumer savings experience that doesn’t rely solely on receipt scans. 

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our National Promotions platform with the addition of the industry’s first ‘available anywhere’ Cash Back rebate solution, setting a new high bar for consumer choice and value. We’re witnessing the multibillion-dollar coupon industry’s shift to digital, and our latest innovation is designed to help accelerate the shift.

Steven Boal, CEO and Founder at Quotient

Another key differentiator of our National Rebates platform is that it was designed with a retailer-agnostic, brand-first experience in mind. The launch of the platform comes as brands are striving to meet the evolving needs of consumers and achieve scalable ways to deliver digital savings to them. National Rebates provides a digital alternative to the legacy print FSI as consumer preferences for digital savings continue to grow. 

Brands Benefit When Consumers Are Given Flexibility with Their Savings

Phone mockup of the "My List" feature inside the National Rebates app
Our National Rebates platform puts brands at the forefront.

This platform marks an expansion of Quotient’s National Promotions solution. Brands now have the ability to drive even greater national volume and scale for their promotions through a fully integrated digital platform that reaches 20 million+ monthly users within the Coupons.com network. 

“Through our partnership with Quotient, we are thrilled to give our shoppers access to digital savings wherever they shop,” said KC Glaser, Senior Manager, Brand Experience at General Mills. “The National Rebates platform allows our entire portfolio of General Mills brands the ability to actively engage with shoppers, presenting them with valuable offers that work for everyone, everywhere.”

Brands will also benefit from industry-leading anti-stacking controls that manage promotion redemption—guarding against the risk of consumer use of multiple offers and ensuring maximum efficiency. The process of offer activation before reward also gives brands better insight into consumer intent pre-purchase while allowing them to measure incremental purchase behavior. Using our National Rebates platform, brands can execute their national promotions strategy in one convenient place with consistent data and measurement. 

Check Out the National Rebates Platform Today

The Coronavirus pandemic may have accelerated the shift to digital savings, but the market was already trending in that direction long before social distancing became part of our everyday vocabulary. With the launch of our new National Rebates platform, we’re excited to take the next step in the coupon industry’s shift to digital. 

National Rebates are now available to consumers as “Cash Back” offers through the Coupons.com iOS and Android apps, and will be available on Coupons.com web and mobile web in 2021. To better understand how your brand can use the new National Rebates platform to deliver value with digital savings, contact us at communications@quotient.com.