Celebrating Black Excellence with Quotient’s Creator Series

As a manager on the social team at Quotient, my job is to connect influencers and brand clients through meaningful campaigns that resonate with consumers. But our influencers are more than just innovative partners—they’re a diverse collection of people with meaningful perspectives. That’s why I’m excited to host the first installment of our new Quotient Creator Series. 

This initiative celebrates the diverse range of content creators in our network through a series of candid roundtable discussions. Influencers are part of our culture, bridging the gap between brand and consumer. We built this space to showcase their creative expertise, share their unique stories and embrace their authentic identities. 

In our first roundtable, we honor Black History Month with a discussion between four Black content creators in our network: Dr. Marie LahaiDavid RoseDiggy Moreland and Bianca Dodson. You can watch the full webinar below, and keep reading for my top four takeaways from the event. 



How to Support These Creative Voices 

It was truly an honor to hold a discussion about how we as Black creators show up in the social and digital spaces. Giving space for each story to be told brings me such joy. The demand for the Black voice takes up increasingly more digital real estate every day, yet we’re just getting started. 

Below are my top four takeaways from our talk. I hope they’ll inspire you with actionable ways you can support Black voices, not just this month but year-round. 

    • Follow these creators and the ones spotlighted on our creator page. Ensuring that the faces that fill your feed are diverse is an important first step. We’re on social daily and if who we follow doesn’t represent the vastness of the creative voices out there, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. 
    • Brand managers, this one’s for you: Your activism to diversify your campaigns and companies shouldn’t be limited to one month out of the year.  Keep the same energy in July as you have in February. It doesn’t work unless it’s a consistent priority. 
    • Follow the money. Where we spend our dollars can say a lot about what we value. And supporting Black-owned businesses is a practical way to do just that. Looking to get merch for your brand? Take some extra time to find a Black-owned business you can partner with for the project. Looking for new art to bring life to your work-from-home setup? There are so many Black artists you can support. 
    • Fill your offline time with media created by Black TV producers and Black authors. Whether you’re a bookworm or a movie junkie, making sure we’re using our time to support these voices is key. 

This is just the start of how we can amplify diverse voices, and it’s just the start of the Quotient Creator Series. Tune in throughout the year to hear more honest roundtable discussions from creators. We can’t wait for you hear what they have to say.