We’re proud to recognize our Bangalore office for their recent ‘Great Places to Work’ achievement— but this comes as no surprise to us!

These Q-Crew members consistently demonstrate their awesome culture through their  celebration of diversity, philanthropic efforts, frequent educational growth opportunities, enviable office parties, and even more really cool perks—did we hear childcare on campus!?

This award is granted to the Best Workplaces in the country after an assessment of employee experience though a globally validated survey instrument and a Culture Audit.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with HR Business Partner Selvendran Veluchamy about what makes Quotient Bangalore such an outstanding place to work— even during times like the present, when we’re all working outside of the office.

What unique features does the Bangalore office have to support your employees?

On the day-to-day, a really awesome and supportive feature we have at our office is arranged day-care facilities on the campus— this really assists families by alleviating the burden of finding childcare while also keeping them close in proximity. Many of our team members visit their kids during their lunch breaks!

On a monthly basis, our Brownbag Learning sessions have been a great tool to foster education and relationships between our departments.In these knowledge sharing sessions, one particular department will lead the luncheon and discuss valuable topics such as, new product developments, how it will benefit the business, and how it will impact or assist other teams.

How would you describe the office culture at the Bangalore office? What really differentiates the office from the larger Quotient organization beyond geography? 

At Quotient Bangalore, we have flexible working hours, great benefits, and fantastic facilities—but on top of that, we have a lot of fun at work! We hold monthly birthday celebrations, participate in indoor sports activities, and enjoy our Brownbag sessions for continuous learning.

Collaborating on their project at the annual Quotient Hackathon!


Our engineers also look forward to competing in Quotient’s annual global Hackathon where we can display our innovative ideas. We also believe there is unity in diversity, which means we celebrate all religious holidays and festivals. The global leadership team is always supportive of our culture-building festivities, and we truly appreciate that.

Could you share more about your unique office celebrations?

Where to start? There are many to talk about!

Each festival and celebration that we observe has a unique theme which we designate a floor to and decorate. We also share a special lunch or dinner for each particular event.


A few of the celebrations that we look forward to are Diwali, a festival celebration across India, Sankranti, which is celebrated typically by south Indians, Onam, specific to the Indian state Kerala, and Holi, a color festival celebrated in the north. For Christmas, we coordinate a secret Santa activity and for Kid’s Day we welcome all employee’s kids into the office for a family-friendly party. In order to encourage diversity in the workplace, we celebrate Women’s & Men’s Days as well as Colors Day.

On a more recent note: How is your office dealing with working remotely with the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions in place? How are you staying connected and boosting morale?

Our office reacted quickly to the Coronavirus crisis in a way to both protect and support our employees. Firstly, our staff was asked to work from home, adhere to social distancing, and we began to conduct frequent awareness sessions through our EAP partners Resilience and Marsh. These sessions included topics like “Work from Home – Being Productive”, “Work from Home - Staying Well,” and an informative COVID-19 Webinar Awareness Session from our wellness partner, Marsh.

To keep our staff engaged and feeling productive, we asked our employees to follow courses on LinkedIn while working remotely. To aid in virtual onboarding, we constructed a safely sanitized cab to handle assets for new hires in order to prioritize safety while keeping processes moving forward. We also formed an emergency team to address employee queries and conduct weekly COVID update meetings.

Does your office participate in philanthropy?

We work closely with Quotient’s Power of WE global charity and our office as a whole participates in giving back to the community. Our most recent project was in response to the COVID-19 crisis, which we have donated our CSR funds to PM cares.

We also look forward each year to working with public schools to help renovate their facilities. This involves cleaning the school, building basic infrastructure (e.g.: restrooms, drinking water facilities, fostering the arts), creating children’s play areas and installing some basic play equipment.

We also recently organized Voluntary Blood Donation Camp with the help of Lions Blood Bank and organized an event to support the local environment at the Bangalore new extension area with the Avani Green Foundation. Through this initiative, we worked to clean the lake and surrounding area while planting around 130 saplings through the Go Green Initiative.

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About Selvendran Veluchamy

I work as an HR Business Partner at Quotient Bangalore. Of my 12 years working in the industry, I’ve spent the last 5 working at Quotient. I’m a computer science engineering graduate who started my career as a recruiter & managed TA functions for Quotient India before recently moving to my current business partner role. I enjoy working closely with my fellow business leaders in driving Quotient’s growth & success.