Quotient Announcement: New In-Store Digital Out-Of-Home Network Powered by Shopper Data

Woman reads a DOOH advertisement at a grocery store checkout.

We are excited to announce our in-store network of Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) inventory. Advertisers can reach high-intent shoppers at the point of purchase with targeted and measurable brick and mortar campaigns in grocery, convenience and drugstore locations using proprietary and exclusive shopper intent and purchase data.  

What is DOOH Advertising and Why is it Important Now More than Ever?

Woman stops to consider several CPG products while walking through grocery store aisle.

Digital out-of-home advertising includes many media types like street-level digital billboards and bus shelters as well as digital screens in place-based venues such as malls, gyms, gas stations and grocery stores. 

When executed programmatically, DOOH allows brands to be both dynamic and nimble—shifting creative, budget and even location, which is critical at a time when messaging may need to quickly pivot in response to changing circumstances.  

The Power of In-Store DOOH Advertising in Today’s Shopping Environment

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made directly at the grocery shelf. In-store DOOH advertising is an offering entirely focused on connecting with consumers directly in or around stores.  

DOOH screen in grocery checkout lane.

With our network of over 35,000 in-store screens and 600 million weekly impressions nationwide across +20 leading retailers including Albertsons, Food Lion, Jewel-Osco, Giant Eagle, Safeway, Hannaford, Shaws and independent convenience stores, advertisers can reach millions of consumers and engage with them right when it matters the most: when intent is high as they’re making their purchasing decisions. Campaign results can be measured in order to determine store visitation lift and return on ad spend (ROAS).  

With shoppers’ brand loyalty wavering, in-store DOOH advertising is an essential part of an omnichannel marketing strategy that can help brands to gain share of voice.

The Data-Driven Benefit of Activating with Quotient’s Exclusive Database of Shoppers

Person holding grocery cart handle.

Brands can target granular audiences across all CPG categories at scale using Quotient’s exclusive database of over 100 million verified shoppers. For example, a health bar brand or shopper marketer can seamlessly select health product category shoppers, accurately identify the relevant grocery locations and in-store screens that over-index with the audience, execute the campaign and measure brand awareness, store visitation and return on ad spend. 

As part of Quotient’s omnichannel offering, advertisers can create cohesive and measurable shopper experiences across the physical and digital worlds throughout the customer journey. 

Read the full press release here.  

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