How Programmatic Activation Is Driving the DOOH Renaissance 

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is experiencing a renaissance! With the expansion of available DOOH screen inventory and growing adoption of programmatic activation, brands and agencies now have greater opportunities to leverage this dynamic advertising channel.  

Automation software, for example, has strengthened the programmatic DOOH offering by allowing advertisers to further refine real-time purchasing with strategic triggers. This capability lets advertisers prepare for the unpredictable, like supply-chain slowdowns, certain weather conditions and other environmental events. 

For agencies and brands, this level of ease and granularity combined with programmatic buying’s inherent flexibility has opened a variety of opportunities for campaign strategy, measurement and attribution. And even more critically, DOOH allows advertisers to connect with digital audiences in the real world—linking online and offline touchpoints in measurable ways. 

Programmatic DOOH gives buyers the flexibility, efficiency and data-driven capabilities they need to engage audiences in a way that parallels other real-time bidding (RTB) channels. As consumer behavior patterns continue to change through the pandemic and beyond, brands harnessing programmatic DOOH gain an enhanced ability to act on their customer insights. We’re seeing savvy advertisers employ programmatic OOH to nimbly adapt to travel pattern and supply-chain changes—and to double-down where they’re seeing success against audience outcomes.
Wade Rifkin, Executive VP and General Manager of Programmatic at Clear Channel Outdoor

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The Power of Programmatic 

The high-impact DOOH channel was crucial during the early days of the pandemic, but its relevance stretches beyond that. Now that DOOH ads can be activated programmatically and used to strategically target key audiences at highly indexed locations, marketers can more easily integrate DOOH advertising into true omnichannel campaign strategies. 

Here are a few major benefits of buying programmatic: 

  • Greater Control— Automation and control over the inventory bidding process and can enhance an advertiser’s audience-first approach. 
  • Reduced Complexity— The programmatic manner of buying makes it easier for advertisers to prioritize an overall impression goal against the brand’s desired audience while indexing against certain shopper behaviors. 
  • Variety of Strategy Options— Programmatic DOOH campaigns can include street-level and place-based screens, but the inventory is digital and dynamic rather than static. Campaigns can be planned locally or at the national level, and in either scenario, the streamlined buying process simplifies and orchestrates execution in contrast to the manual nature of direct OOH buying. 


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