Planning for Fall 2020: Bundle Up With Quotient’s New eBook

COVID-19 has dominated the headlines since March, but it still bears repeating: 2020 has been a whirlwind. The pandemic has driven changes for brands, retailers and consumers alike—and across all different areas of life, too.  

Consumers are turning to traditional products and flavors for comfort and familiarity this fall.

With all this uncertainty in the marketplace, it’s no surprise that consumers are turning traditional fall flavors and products for comfort and familiarity in 2020. Brands can benefit from pivoting their marketing efforts to position these classics in a way that fits the current needs of consumers. 

Informed by our exclusive shopper, retailer and point-of-sale data, we at Quotient developed a new eBook to guide your content strategy for the fall. We used historical data to identify the top trends across the food, beverage, household and over-the-counter categories—offering insight into consumer mindsets and the types of products they’ll be looking for this fall. Read on for a sneak peek into our new eBook, “Falling for the Classics: The Top Trends of Fall 2020.” 

Data-Driven Trends & Content Ideas for Fall

In this eBook, we’ve broken fall 2020 into three main drive periods: fall entertaining season, tailgating season, and cold and flu preparation season. While there are a variety of trending CPG products for each drive period, some categories stood out. 

Download our new fall eBook for data-driven campaign inspiration

Food and beverage products topped the charts for the fall entertaining drive period, with sweet potato showing a 293.2% sales lift and pie crust showing a 233% sales lift during the fall entertaining period. On the other end of the field, household goods have been dubbed the MVP during tailgating season. Disposable foil pans saw a 99.8% sales lift and solo cups experienced a 137% increase in popularity on social media during the tailgating period. Finally, cold and flu season is where over-the-counter products really get the opportunity to shine. Nasal spray saw a 15% sales lift and vitamins saw a 12% sales lift during the cold and flu preparation period. 

Curious to see how these data insights can be translated into content ideas for your brand? 

Quotient Can Help You Plan Ahead for Fall 2020  

Ultimately, fall is a time for families to gather together and enjoy the calm before the busyness of the holiday season hits. While certain aspects of the season may change this year, its traditions remain the same. Consumers are taking comfort in the familiarity of classic fall flavors and products, and brands can meet them in the moment with festive fall content ideas that can be adapted for the current climate.

To learn more about how Quotient can bring your fall campaign planning to life, download “Falling for the Classics: The Top Trends of Fall 2020.”