Panel: Getting Strategic with Digital Out-of-Home

Do you ever wonder about the strategies behind how ad dollars are spent on digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns? In a recent panel at the Place Exchange 2021 Publisher Summit, Quotient Group Director of Out-of-Home (OOH) Sales Norm Chait teamed up with Adrian Witter, Director of Programmatic and Partnerships at Kinetic, and Roey Franco, VP of Product and Innovation at Xaxis, to discuss just that. 

Keep reading for their insights and check out the full session recording below. 


This panel discussion was hosted by Place Exchange. 

How DOOH Dollars Are Decided

Chait, Witter and Franco kicked off their panel by tackling three main topics: 

  • Programmatic vs. Direct: How do we decide which dollars are bucketed into which group? 
  • Publisher & Venue-Type Decisioning: Where should OOH and DOOH ads be placed? 
  • Product & Data-Driven Decisioning: How do we use technology and data to improve OOH’s success against marketing objectives? 

When deciding on the allocation of programmatic versus direct dollars for a DOOH campaign, marketers should consider what their clients are trying to achieve. What are the KPIs, and how can OOH meet those needs given the campaign’s footprint, creative format and messaging? By starting with this framework, marketers can determine whether it is best to spend programmatically, directly or some mixture of both. 

When it comes to driving the incremental allocation of budget, programmatic DOOH offers a huge advantage to advertisers. It allows brands to dynamically turn campaigns on and off based on specific environmental cues, optimize towards high-performing screens or adjust creative and messaging as needed. 

Importantly, advertisers can use DOOH ads to target specific audiences based on retailer data sets, purchase behavior, movement data and more. This enables marketers to identify what are the right screens at the right time in a targetable, measurable way—a crucial new capability for the OOH space that empowers brands to dedicate budget to performance-based OOH campaigns. 

"Whereas historically out-of-home was positioned as an upper-funnel, brand-building, equity messaging [channel] ..., we now have the ability to get closer to the point of purchase and be at that decisioning moment when people are trying to make a choice of what to put in their basket."
Norm Chait, Group Director of OOH Sales at Quotient

Determining Strategic Placement of DOOH Ads

Next, the panel covered the “where” of OOH advertising—specifically, how marketers decide where to place their OOH ads based on venue type and publisher. As an industry, OOH is more than just billboards and bus stops. Especially with the introduction of DOOH media, OOH advertising has opened up to new possibilities including in-store displays, checkout kiosks, place-based screens and more. 

The context in which these DOOH screens exist is particularly important because it allows advertisers to be strategic with the type of creative that they deploy on these screens. They can tailor their messaging to a targeted, captive audience at a particular venue type. Think of a protein bar, for example. Informed by audience-based and purchase behavior data, the brand can locate their ideal screens at strategic times of the day—like the gym during peak weekday busy hours or digital billboards as consumers are on their way to the grocery store. 

"Programmatic and a consumer-based approach allows us to unlock more opportunities for our publisher partners. It allows them to be more in control of what they want to buy and have the support for the question ‘Why are we bringing these formats on?’ They can show the data and create an informed decision around next steps."
Norm Chait, Group Director of OOH Sales at Quotient

What’s Next for DOOH?

The session closed with a discussion about the future of OOH advertising. While each panelist brought their own perspective and experience to the table, they all expressed excitement for the growth and potential that OOH advertising has to offer. 

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