See How PepsiCo’s Cross-Brand Promotion Drove Holiday Volume

With only a few months until the important end-of-year sales season, brands are busy strategizing how they can reach holiday shoppers and stand out from competitors. Last year, PepsiCo partnered with Quotient to deploy an innovative, duration-based promotion to drive volume during a time when their consumers seek variety more than other times of year. 

Keep reading to learn about the campaign’s unique strategy and exceptional results. 

Reaching Holiday Shoppers with Duration-Based Promotions 

Ahead of the 2021 holiday season, the U.S. PepsiCo Power of One team—PepsiCo’s group representing an impressive portfolio of food and beverage brands—looked to develop a promotional offer to run throughout the holidays. PepsiCo’s campaign with Quotient aimed to increase basket size for Pepsi beverages and Frito-Lay snacks while also providing value for consumers. 

To stand out from competitors and win holiday sales, the campaign incorporated Quotient’s innovative duration-based digital promotions approach, which ensures offers remain live during set start and end dates so the brand can confidently align the campaign with retailer merchandising and other omnichannel efforts. PepsiCo offered $3 off a purchase of any five qualifying Pepsi or Frito-Lay brand items. This promotion ran throughout November and December to target holiday shoppers. 

PepsiCo’s Outstanding Results 

The cross-brand campaign ultimately moved more than 3 million redemption units and generated over $17 million in incremental sales, with the average incremental return on promotion spend exceeding $8. 


Redemption Units Moved


in Incremental Sales


Incremental Return on
Promotion Spend

These results highlight the campaign’s promotion efficiency—the low cost per unit moved. Insights from this campaign will help PepsiCo develop future national campaign and cross-brand promotions strategies that both support their retail partners and deliver value to consumers. 

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