eBook: Nutrition Trends CPG Brands Need to Know

Life revolves around food. More than just fuel, food is intertwined with celebrations, traditions, culture, love, health and happiness. But consumers have a range of viewpoints and strategies for how they should nourish their bodies, and that makes understanding the latest nutrition trends essential for food brands to connect with their audiences in relevant ways.  

Over the years, new eating trends and fad diets have come and gone, and there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nutrition. We conducted a 1,000-participant online survey to gauge consumer preferences on a variety of nutrition topics and to give brands insight into specific diets and trends. 

Our latest eBook offers an introduction to a variety of dietary lifestyles—vegan, keto, intermittent fasting, reverse dieting and more—with survey results and actionable takeaways to help brands make consumers’ lives easier, tastier and more nutritious. 

Download our nutrition eBook today to discover strategies that your brand can use to bring value as part of people’s chosen lifestyles. 


Consumer Interest in Nutrition 

Science is constantly uncovering new information and a deeper understanding of nutrition. With new knowledge, trends and dietary patterns, our relationship and understanding of nutrition is constantly evolving.  

More recently, the pandemic has impacted consumers’ eating habits in a variety of ways—eating more, eating less, eating more meals at home and seeking out specific foods that provide health benefits or strengthen the immune system.  

Against the backdrop of an ever-changing nutrition landscape, an overwhelming 90% of our survey respondents expressed interest in health and nutrition. 


Consumers generally are interested in nutrition, but it’s often challenging to navigate the many mixed messages from science and the media—which can lead consumers to feel doubtful when making food selections. 

This creates an opportunity for brands to meaningfully connect with and assist consumers through clearer messaging, education and inspiring content. 

To learn more about how to connect with consumers and provide them with value, download our latest eBook for insightful Quotient data and actionable takeaways for your brand.