National Lipstick Day Reveals ‘Glossy’ Beauty Trend

National Lipstick Day Reveals ‘Glossy’ Beauty Trend

National Lipstick Day Reveals ‘Glossy’ Beauty TreNational Lipstick Day Reveals ‘Glossy’ Beauty Trend 

July 29 is National Lipstick Day, so today we’re sharing the latest lip product trends and beauty category data. Let’s take a closer look at how lip styles have pivoted over the past few years and discover which products are experiencing the biggest sales lifts in 2022. 

The Pandemics Impact on Cosmetics 

Nearly every product category was affected by the pandemic, and makeup was no exception. During stay-at-home restrictions, people were less inclined to put on a full face of makeup. Accordingly, prestige-brand makeup experienced 55% and 75% respective declines in cosmetic and fragrance purchasing in 2020. 

Paradoxically, however, lipstick sales usually rise during economic downturns. Termed the “lipstick index,” the theory observes that consumers won’t abandon the affordable luxury of a tube of lipstick even when discretionary income dries up. Does that mean the pandemic debunked the lipstick index? Not necessarily. 

Instead of completely dropping their beauty regimens, consumers adapted their routines to include more pampering. While beauty products faced broad sales declines in 2020, Amazon posted a 65% increase in bath-and-body products, and Zalando, Europe’s biggest fashion and lifestyle eCommerce marketplace, reported sales of skin-, nail- and hair-care products were up 300% year-over-year. Today’s skincare market is anticipated to grow 5.5% annually from $100 billion in 2021 to $146 billion by 2028. 

But what does skincare have to do with lipstick? A decent amount, actually! During the pandemic, products like plumping overnight lip balms made their way to the market as consumers looked to enhance their natural lips in tandem with the rising skincare trend. 

As more Americans return to the office, concerts and other pre-pandemic activities, consumers are looking to reintroduce makeup to their daily routines but aren’t ready to give up the benefits of skincare. The new trend is for makeup to act like skincare. In fact, one recent study finds nearly half of shoppers prefer to purchase hybrid cosmetics with skincare benefits—and that share is expected to grow. 

People now have options to celebrate National Lipstick Day: a traditional lipstick for a classic look or perhaps a nourishing lip gloss or tinted lip oil for their comfort and moisturizing properties. 

Summer Screams Lip Gloss

Marie Claire predicts glossy lips will be a hit with consumers in 2022. People are looking for effortless and natural styles, like the “popsicle stain” aesthetic—a dab of color in the center of the lips mimicking the mark of a popsicle—or more hydrating lip gloss formulas.

Quotient’s data backs up these shifting preferences in the lipstick market: Lip gloss has experienced a remarkable 99% sales lift over the past 12 months. Since cosmetics sales are consistently stronger in the second half of the year than they are in the first, don’t expect consumers to gloss over this trend—just their lips!

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