Webinar: Build Better Campaigns with Multi-Touch Media Measurement 

Following the successful launch of our new impression-based, multi-touch media measurement, our Chief Technology Officer Matt Krepsik and VP of Product Thalya Hamilton recently hosted a webinar to share how marketers can leverage Quotient’s industry-leading capabilities and data to inform campaign strategies in the ever-changing media landscape.

As we think about marketing over the next two to three years, marketers are going to have to become savvier around their campaigns and around their performance. It’s not just about delivering the impressions, it’s about optimizing your campaigns to drive outcomes and performance for your brand.
—Quotient Chief Technology Officer, Matt Krepsik

Check out this free on-demand webinar here or continue reading for a few highlights.



The Power of On-Demand, Transparent Data

Our retail media offering enables brands, agencies and partners to measure campaign performance across one or multiple consumer touchpoints. Powered by daily-refreshed data, the platform aggregates overall impressions and can focus on performance by individual channels—providing a clearer picture of total business impact.

These expanded capabilities give users the advantage of greater data transparency through on-demand, self-serve access to the platform, in-flight reporting and flexible attribution. 

During the webinar, Hamilton outlined several major capabilities and benefits of the media measurement platform, including: 

  • Consistent Measurement Media performance and sales are measured across multiple channels using an impression-based attribution model. 
  • Data Transparency Impression- and click-based (search only) reporting can be presented in 7-, 14- and 28-day attribution windows. 
  • On-Demand Access Self-serve reporting provides 24/7 visibility of campaign performance for all clients. 
  • User Dashboard Platform offers multiple filter options and easy data export for broader use. 

Our media measurement platform is now available to all our clients across on- and offsite display, digital out-of-home and sponsored search media channels via Quotient Analytics. Watch the webinar today or simply contact us at hello@quotient.com to get started on the platform.