Quotient Social Wins Second MarTech Breakthrough Award

We’re thrilled to announce Quotient’s second MarTech Breakthrough Award win! Having been recognized in 2020 for Quotient Social’s influencer marketing innovation, Quotient has now been named “Best Influencer Marketing Company” for 2022.

MarTech’s Breakthrough Awards recognize the best companies, technologies, products and services in marketing, advertising and sales technology. This year, Quotient shares this honor with fellow recipients Adobe, Hootsuite, ZoomInfo and other innovative companies. In 2022, the awards received more than 2,950 applications across all categories.

Quotient’s combination of valuable data, captivating content and paid media enables us to create high-performing influencer marketing campaigns. Read on to learn more about our formula for success and the results of one of our recent cause-driven campaigns. 

Creating Highly Effective Campaigns Through Quotient Social 

Quotient’s “With U, She Can” campaign for U by Kotex® leveraged social influencers, paid media and retail promotions to raise awareness of period poverty—a topic often neglected in mainstream health dialogue. The campaign took a multi-layered omnichannel approach with sophisticated targeting to reach the right audience. 

The content creators Quotient selected for this campaign have established platforms dedicated to empowering women, and some even have personal experience with period poverty. Their content niches complemented the campaign, and their vulnerability helped them connect with their audiences.

Additionally, this campaign leveraged paid media for each retailer to amplify its reach. Precise targeting delivered ads to a specific audience of 20- to 45-year-old female CVS and Walgreens shoppers who had previously purchased feminine care products. Along with the awareness garnered from social media, this campaign incentivized consumers to take action with a national promotional offer through the store circular. 

While raising awareness of period poverty, the campaign took action through a matched-donation initiative. For every product purchased at CVS and Walgreens while the campaign was running, two pads were donated to the Alliance for Period Supplies—directly helping those in need. 

Overall, the “With U, She Can” campaign delivered 13.6 million social impressions. CVS saw a 49% increase in new U by Kotex® brand shoppers compared to the previous 52 weeks, Walgreens saw a 3.4% increase in monthly sales and more than 1 million pads were donated to help those facing period poverty. 

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