Ad Tech Innovation Fuels Digital Out-of-Home Growth

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has experienced rapid growth and innovation over the last few years as new ideas and improvements to existing technology make the channel an increasingly appealing investment for marketers. A session at this year’s CPG DOOH Event, hosted by DPAA and Quotient, spotlighted innovation in the DOOH space, including how ad tech companies are reimagining QR codes. 

Keep reading to learn about the future of DOOH, or watch the session recording below.

Pandemic Supercharges Innovation 

Susan Cho, Head of GTM Agency Development and Partnerships at Quotient, explained that recent innovation in DOOH has been spurred by growing adoption of programmatic digital out-of-home activation, giving advertisers and agencies greater flexibility to execute dynamic campaigns.

“Innovation comes in different flavors. It’s not always about fancy technology or smart displays, but sometimes innovation can come in the form of better measurement and analytics, a unique creative treatment or even education and training in the marketplace.”
Susan Cho, Head of GTM Agency Development and Partnerships at Quotient

Cho said shifts in consumer behaviors during the pandemic prompted advertisers to rethink how they reach modern consumers who demand seamless, personalized experiences. Leveraging location data and purchase data, for instance, allows for precise targeting and better integration into omnichannel campaigns so brands can deliver relevant messages to their audiences at the right moments.

Reimagining QR Codes 

The session highlighted QR code technology as another pandemic-era innovation with newfound significance in the DOOH space. Having gained traction with consumers for its contactless scanning solutions, the QR code now presents DOOH advertisers with a means to present more engaging calls to action. 

David Shreff, CEO at the media integration platform ACTV8me, said sequential QR codes can change offers dynamically based on a consumer’s location and other factors. Rather than traditional “one-and-done” QR codes that consumers scan once to visit one link, sequential QR codes can serve up multiple offers, allowing advertisers to meet consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout their buying journeys. 

“Every age uses QR codes now. The pandemic made that happen. Digital natives for sure—but my 97-year-old father knows how to hold up his phone now and scan a QR code from any screen—and everybody in between. The power of that is that standard technology on phones has been optimized.”
David Shreff, CEO at ACTV8me

Shreff discussed how expanded QR code technology can offer better experiences by linking to native Android and iOS mobile wallets. After scanning a sequential code and being served an ad, a consumer can then save it to their mobile wallet and enable reminders. This connection to the mobile wallet further bridges the gap between an ad and the consumer’s personal mobile device. 

Technologies and other innovations in the DOOH space are empowering advertisers to reach consumers in new ways and at new touchpoints. Are you ready to take advantage of what DOOH has to offer for your brand? Contact us today at to start planning your next omnichannel campaign.