Picture of hummus and veggies on crackers
Meet Shadi, of Unicorns in the Kitchen.

Every Social Influencer campaign at Quotient begins with category-level trend data to uncover what’s trending among consumers and our network of 10K+ of the web’s most talented content creators. 

Today, we are speaking to one of those influencers, Shadi, of Unicorns in the Kitchen. Shadi is a recipe creator and food photographer who specializes in Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. She has worked with advertisers like McCormick®, Starbucks, Minute Ready Rice and more. Read on to discover her journey as an influencer and how she works with brands to authentically connect with her audience. 

What inspired you to become an influencer?  

I grew up in Iran and lived in Turkey for a while. When I moved to the US, I realized that Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food and recipes were not as approachable as other cuisines to the audience who looked for them. I started Unicorns in the Kitchen to provide those recipes to interested readers.  

When they come to my blog, I want my audience to learn more about and understand Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. These cuisines are hearty, healthy and very flavorful. And they are different from what many people are used to.   

Unicorns in the Kitchen partnered with Wasa® Crispbread to create this upscale hummus spread.

What is the most important part of your identity and how does it play a role in your position as an influencer? 

Gathering and sharing. I grew up learning that mealtimes are family times and each meal is more delicious when shared with your loved ones. The recipes I share on Unicorns in the Kitchen are family-style, encouraging my readers to share meals with their loved ones.  

What do you consider a successful partnership between an influencer and a brand?   

An authentic partnership is a successful partnership. Both parties should trust each other and work toward authentically showing the product. Our industry changes every day, and there is so much to learn and adapt to. Authenticity and creativity are being respected and as we've seen in the last few years, videos are becoming a more central part of what we do.  

I love Instagram as a social platform because I've built an active community there where my audience shares their remakes of my recipes and I can ask and answer questions. It's allowed me to create an authentic connection with my readers that brands can then tap into. 

Nothing says cozy like a hot bowl of beef stew, created in partnership with Muir Glen.

What advice would you give advertisers looking to connect with their audience? 

Be approachable and close to your audience. Make sure your audience understands what you're advertising and what your call to action is. I think that influencers can help spread this message to audiences in a really authentic way. 

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