Influencer Spotlight: Diggy Moreland at More Than a Tie

Meet Diggy, of More Than a Tie

Today in our Influencer Spotlight series, we’re talking to Diggy Moreland of More Than a Tie. Diggy is a fashion and lifestyle creator whose unique sense of style and one-of-a-kind voice shine through in everything he creates. You might even recognize him from his work with advertisers like Perrier®, Colgate®, Burt’s Bees® and more.

Keep reading to see why Diggy is so passionate about ensuring that authenticity is a part of everything he creates.

How did you get started as an influencer?

It’s funny, I was on a reality TV show being my normal self and my love for fashion and style came to the forefront. At that moment, I realized that many guys could use help. So, I decided to dive in.

What is the most important part of your identity and how does it play a role in your position as an influencer? 

Authenticity is the most important part of my identity. I need to tell my story how I want to and be as authentic as possible for my audience.  When I’m talking to my readers on More Than a Tie, the message that I really want to get across is for them to be authentic and be unapologetically themselves—whatever that is!

What do you consider a successful partnership between a content creator and brand? 

A successful partnership is achieved when a brand wants you for YOU and not just your audience. They identify your creative talents, voice and allow you to use that to display their product. And having a ton of creative control is always nice ?

If brands don’t allow us to be ourselves, we lose the audience, and therefore, will lose the ability to advertise. There are so many influencers out there now, so allowing us to be different and genuine to our audience is KEY.

What does the future hold for influencer marketing?

Something that I’m seeing in influencer marketing right now is it’s starting to get phased out. Too many people are trying to do too much, it’s getting watered down and it’s honestly getting annoying to see an influencer doing something for checks that they clearly don’t believe in.

I think it’s really important that advertisers don’t just pick someone with the most followers—they need to pick someone that can be extremely relevant! 

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