The Data Is In: Here Are the Top Holiday Cocktails of 2021

As shoppers prepare to celebrate the holiday season, Quotient has the data brands need to provide insight into which cocktails are at the top of consumers’ wish lists. Informed by our proprietary and exclusive data on 127 million verified shoppers and more than 54,000 retailer-connected locations, below are the categories that we see trending this holiday season.

Must-Have Ingredients for a Cup of Good Cheer

To start, we examined the Quotient Social Platform, which monitors consumers’ online engagement across a variety of web and social content to uncover the latest trends people are searching for. 

For example, informed by years of historical influencer data from our network of best-in-class content creators, we can see that Schnapps, Champagne, Red Wine, Rum, Brandy, Amaretto, Eggnog and Kahlua all experience their highest levels of popularity during the month of December. Likewise, festive cocktails like Mimosas, Hot Toddies, White Russians, Manhattans and Martinis also peak in popularity in December. 

To gain even more insight on which spirits people are sipping on this holiday season, we took a look at our consumer spending data, which encompasses 35 billion units sold across eCommerce and in-store channels. While some trends aligned with data from the Quotient Social Platform, others stood out. 

In 2021, Tequila experienced its highest performing summer ever in terms of social engagement. Its mid-June peak in social engagement was 68% higher than it was for the same period three years ago, and it saw an overall 76% lift in online social engagement. And while Tequila did not emerge as a top December trend on the Quotient Social Platform, Mezcal—which, like Tequila, is made from the agave plant—experienced a 26% lift in share in 2021 compared to 2020. 

Alcoholic drinks weren’t the only libations to capture consumers’ attention this year. Interestingly enough, several non-alcoholic beverages gained share in 2021: Non-Alcoholic Domestic Beer (+56%), Non-Alcoholic Domestic Wine (+38%) and Non-Alcoholic Imported Beer (+18%) all experienced lift over 2020.

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