Quotient Insights: Grocery eCommerce & COVID-19

By now, Coronavirus has become a well-established topic in everything from government press briefings to CPG industry news coverage, consumer reports, and more. Here at Quotient, we’ve begun to see certain patterns emerge surrounding COVID-19 and grocery eCommerce. We analyzed these patterns to identify insights and areas of opportunity—and what they mean for marketers—and created the “The Coronavirus Effect on Grocery eCommerce: What Does It Mean for Marketers?” eBook.

Female consumer buying groceries online.
With social distancing measures in effect, Consumers are turning to grocery eCommerce in place of in-store shopping.

With shoppers and retailers alike following new social distancing measures, grocery eCommerce may address a major pain point for consumers. At present, many people are unwilling or unable to leave their homes due to COVID-19. However, they still need an accessible way to buy food for their families. That’s where your brand comes in.

Backed by exclusive point-of-sale data, Quotient has identified a number of key opportunity areas where brands can add value for consumers. These range from identifying the most consistently in-demand CPG product categories to specific strategies that we’ve seen resonate with shoppers. Here’s what you can expect this report to cover: 

  • What’s Going on in Grocery eCommerce: Where was grocery eCommerce before COVID-19, and how has it changed in the wake of the pandemic?
  • The New Normal: Who’s winning in this landscape, and what can you learn from them?
  • Show Me the Trends: What are the key takeaways for CPG marketers?
  • The Big Watch-Outs: What are the challenges facing grocery eCommerce right now and what are the potential long-term effects? 

Ultimately, we’re in uncharted territory and on an unknown timeline—so it’s difficult to predict future outcomes. However, our research suggests to us that shoppers may recognize the convenience of grocery eCommerce not only now but even after Coronavirus has passed. Progressive Grocer reports that 43% of consumers say they’re either extremely or very likely to continue using a specific online grocery service after the pandemic restrictions conclude. Quotient’s multi-layered eCommerce solution can help your brand provide value to shoppers during this time and beyond. 

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