Eucerin® Drives Trial, Incrementality with Duration-Based Promotions

We are proud to announce the results of our successful collaboration with Beiersdorf—parent company of the Eucerin® therapeutic skincare brand—on a strategic integrated promotion campaign. This innovative approach allowed Eucerin® to move the same amount of product in seven days as they did in 16 days during the previous year’s corresponding campaign.

"With Quotient’s promotion strategy we were able to drive a 77% trial rate and 83% average shopper incrementality. We intend to apply these learnings across our portfolio and continue providing value to our consumers."
Jennifer Adams, Director of Shopper & Customer Marketing at Beiersdorf

Read on to discover the strategy and key insights that drove this successful duration-based campaign. 

Key Insights 

Eucerin® considered several key insights when planning for this campaign. First, the brand took note of how brand loyalty had shifted over the course of the pandemic and throughout shortages and supply-chain challenges. 

Eucerin® also understood the importance of providing value to shoppers given the current economic landscape. With inflation on the rise, consumers are increasingly motivated to save money. To support consumers and increase household penetration at a time when brand loyalty is wavering, Eucerin® deployed integrated digital promotion tactics and offers powered by Quotient to reach targeted shopper groups at scale, maximize reach, drive trial and increase basket size. 

The digital promotions allowed Eucerin® to target shoppers with granularity, measure results and empower shoppers both in-store and online. 

Eucerin® further recognized that timing is everything for seasonal campaigns. To make a positive impression with consumers and reach them before competitors did, the brand strategically launched ahead of peak dry-skin season, which allowed them to capitalize on a period when consumers are ready to stock up—driving basket size and increasing loyalty and repeat shopping trips. 

An Innovative Strategy  

A multi-layered, duration-based approach was truly the secret sauce for this successful campaign. 

Eucerin® leveraged Quotient’s duration-based campaign model, which features firm start and end dates for the promotion that allows retailers to effectively plan merchandising while maximizing investment. Eucerin® increased retail integration through a layered, targeted approach to engage specific audience subsets at scale, driving trial and buy rates beyond merely moving product.

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