Panel: How Brands Are Leveraging Programmatic DOOH

How are advertisers thinking about digital out-of-home (DOOH) during a pandemic? That was the question posed to agency representatives at the DPAA’s CPG DOOH event. While each panelist had their own perspective and client experiences to offer, it was clear that the future is bright for the DOOH channel. 

Keep reading to see what Managing Director at Kinetic Worldwide Maureen McCloskey, Group Director at Rapport Worldwide Jill Rothenhauser and Vice President of Digital and Data Solutions at Horizon Media Elizabeth Twersky had to say about the possibilities that await in DOOH. 


This panel discussion was part of the DPAA’s CPG DOOH event. Click here to watch the full session.

What Are the Opportunities and Obstacles for DOOH?

Out-of-home (OOH) has traditionally been thought of as a mass awareness channel, but with the rise of new measurement capabilities and programmatic technology, DOOH has a huge opportunity to change the way it’s viewed within the broader media mix.

One of the first opportunities that DOOH brings is the chance for advertisers to connect with audiences across new screens. As more brands shift towards an omnichannel mindset, DOOH gives them the ability to target audiences in a new format while they’re on the way to the store and at the point of purchase.

DOOH also represents a huge opportunity in terms of data. When advertisers have a specific audience in mind, programmatic DOOH enables them to target those consumers with their desired messaging at specific times of day and at relevant venues.

"We took a hybrid approach and showed [our client] that doing it in a programmatic way allowed us to have more flexibility and move those impressions around the market."
Jill Rothenhauser, Group Director at Rapport Worldwide

In terms of obstacles, the panelists cited overall hesitancy to adopt DOOH as a channel, the need for DOOH-specific creative to be considered early on in the briefing process and the need for ongoing education around the measurement capabilities of DOOH. 

What Role Does Measurement Play in DOOH?

The panelists also discussed the importance of measurement in advancing DOOH, noting that advertisers are using measurement to drive business objectives—namely, sales. Now that DOOH can be linked to attributable sales in the same way as other channels, it opens up the possibility for DOOH to be included in the media mix for more campaigns. Brands also want the flexibility of programmatic DOOH to be able to react and adjust their strategy as product demand fluctuates during the pandemic.

"The beauty of digital, and especially programmatic, is that while the US has opened up, mobility has absolutely shifted and everybody’s travel patterns have changed. We’re able to be more agile, not only us in planning but in how we buy and ultimately how we optimize to understand this data and make changes on people’s new behaviors and patterns."
Maureen McCloskey, Managing Director at Kinetic Worldwide

Ultimately, the panelists agreed that DOOH brings valuable new benefits to the table for advertisers and investment in the channel is likely to continue its upward trend. To learn how Quotient can help you plan your next DOOH campaign, contact us at or visit our DOOH page.