OOH Agencies Embrace New Tactics for Campaign Optimization

New capabilities for channel-specific measurement, attribution and data integration are giving out-of-home (OOH) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisers more tools to create dynamic, impactful campaigns. At this year’s CPG DOOH Event, agency leaders came together to discuss how these exciting advancements—and some hurdles—are impacting today’s landscape. 

The panel was moderated by Michael Burgi, Senior Editor of Media Planning and Buying at Digiday, and included thought leaders Jess Chappell, SVP and Managing Director of Digital and OOH at Evergreen Trading, and Adrian Witter, Programmatic and Partnership Lead at Kinetic.   

Watch the segment below or continue reading to uncover a few of the panel’s highlights. 

An Increasingly Dynamic, Flexible Space 

Witter shared that the OOH channel currently occupies a much more robust position than in recent years, particularly in terms of measurement and attribution. Accordingly, OOH has been able to establish itself as a dynamic and flexible channel and enter conversations about driving performance and branding that it previously wasn’t a part of.

“A number of digital best practices have been applied to OOH either directly or we’ve built somewhat of a proxy for it. This is enabling OOH to establish itself as an addressable channel, which is great because then we’re gaining access to additional budgets that we weren’t otherwise gaining access to, and being in conversations for driving performance as well as branding—that is a big step forward for the industry.”
Adrian Witter, Programmatic and Partnership Lead at Kinetic

Witter also discussed opportunities in the application of client first-party data and the understanding of localized sales trends based on OOH activation exposure, not just on a market level but on a per-media and even per-unit level. Witter believes the scaling of these real-time insights will present a massive opportunity for OOH advertisers in the coming years, allowing marketers to better optimize campaigns. 

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