AdExchanger Names Quotient a Programmatic Power Player

We’re thrilled to share that AdExchanger has named Quotient a Programmatic Power Player for 2021. Each entry was evaluated by AdExchanger editors for the strength and breadth of its offerings, its documented case studies and client references, and we’re excited to be included on the list!

Keep reading to see what sets us apart as a leader in the programmatic space.

Quotient Excels with Social, Mobile Display and DOOH Ads

When it comes to our social capabilities, we drive measurable sales impact through high-quality creative and advanced shopper targeting. We partner with Facebook through their Offline Conversion API to match consumer’s exposure to social display ads with in-store sales. Through our partnerships with major national grocery, drug and dollar retailers, we are able to measure offline conversion in-store using retailer transaction data—helping advertisers connect their social display campaigns to real, measurable results.  

We also leverage retailer data to automate how mobile display ads are delivered through our patent-pending promotion amplification tool. As part of our Retailer Performance Media Platform, promotion amplification matches mobile display ads to weekly in-store promotions and temporary price reductions (TPRs) by analyzing thousands of offers per week. Our innovative tool delivers automated media by sharing these TPRs to relevant audiences based on their purchase history and brand affinity.

Our unique access to data and retailer partnerships is what enables us to combine retailer data with location intelligence and exclusive audience targeting to programmatically communicate which products are on sale at specific retailer locations on any given week and what type of shopper might be interested in purchasing these discounted items.   

Finally, Quotient brings programmatic capabilities to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising through our exclusive purchase data and proprietary location intelligence. Our data and technology enable advertisers to identify the DOOH screens that their granular audiences over-index towards—including grocery stores, convenience stores, digital billboards, gas stations and more—and reach consumers at contextually relevant moments. The campaign performance is then measured via foot traffic analysis, attributable sales and brand awareness. 

Case Studies Show Results with Programmatic Approach

As part of our submission, we also included two case studies. For our first case study, we used our patent-pending promotion amplification tool to drive awareness of a breakfast brand’s weekly promotion at a leading retailer by combining retailer point-of-sale and loyalty card data with weekly retailer TPR feeds to target and automate digital media to the right audiences. This automated digital media was then delivered to breakfast category buyers and the retailer’s shoppers in order to amplify the weekly TPR.  

Ad creative was focused on product shots—with brand equity messaging and a “on sale now" callout. This resulted in a sales lift at the category level, driving incremental sales for both the brand and the retailer beyond what shoppers would have purchased had they not been exposed to the TPR. We drove:  

  • $1.20 incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) 
  • 6.4% increase in incremental sales 
  • 0.18% click-through rate—exceeding our benchmark of 0.10% -0.17% 

In our second case study, our DOOH campaign achieved a $11+ ROAS for a CPG client in the Personal, Hair and Feminine Care category. During the pandemic, shopper behavior shifted to favor purchases based on convenience rather than brand loyalty. With fewer trips being made to the supermarket and thus fewer touchpoints where CPGs could influence purchase decisions, it became increasingly important to reach consumers en route to the grocery store when purchase intent is high.  

Once the screens were identified, we launched a 2-week programmatic campaign across 10 DMAs with category-specific ad creatives for billboards and gas station screens. Our measurement and analytics technology collected data and identified loyalty card shoppers exposed to these DOOH ads to measure purchase activity and calculate ROAS. We achieved: 

  • +$11.48 in trackable purchases for every ad dollar spent
  • $1.84M in sales influenced by DOOH ads  
  • 19.3M impressions
  • 4.5% lift in store visitation

This award marks a big achievement for the Quotient team, and we’re excited to be recognized by AdExchanger as a leader in programmatic media. To learn how we can help build your brand and drive sales, contact us at