Quotient Wins Digiday Technology Award for Best Influencer Marketing Platform

We won! Following our shortlisting for Best Attribution Tool and, for the second year in a row, Best Influencer Marketing Platform, we’re happy to announce that the Quotient Social Platform has earned top honors with a Digiday 2021 Technology Award in the Best Influencer Marketing Platform category. 

The 2021 Digiday Technology Awards recognize the year’s leading companies that are advancing the digital media industry through tech-focused innovation—specifically, the kind that powers relevant and personalized advertising.

Keep reading to see what sets our innovative influencer marketing solution apart from the pack.

Authentic Influencer Content, Backed By Data 

Key differentiating features of the Quotient Social Platform include: 

  • An omnichannel approach. A variety of tactics are deployed by a network of 10K+ of the internet’s most talented content creators across categories who bring authentic and diverse voices to campaigns. Influencers leverage several tools, such as posts linked to a content hub and rewards offers for a brand’s offerings to drive engagement. Mobile tap-to-site ad units are also used to amplify visibility and conversions. 
  • High-quality, brand-safe social media creative, amplified through data-driven paid media that is rolled out across platforms for maximum impact and engagement. 
  • Audience targeting, to ensure the content reaches highly qualified consumers. We leverage exclusive location intelligence and consumer spending and purchase intent data to identify brand and category buyers based on past behaviors. 
  • Actionable reporting and measurement on sales lift, foot traffic and more. 
  • A full-service execution model, comprising creative, media, analytics and strategy support. 

As part of our award-winning submission, we highlighted a recent campaign targeting college-aged female shoppers. Informed by insights from the Quotient Social Platform, the campaign drove a 45%+ trial rate and $5+ incremental return on ad spend. Shoppers averaged more than one purchase trip and a higher-than-expected basket size. 

"Influencer voices are often the most powerful marketing voices in the room, and amplifying them with targeted media drives success. Our network of talented influencers produces top quality creative that resonates with relevant listeners poised to take action."
—Steven Boal, CEO and Founder of Quotient

To see how you can put our award-winning influencer solution into action for your brand, contact us at communications@quotient.com.