Quotient is the Result of Knowing

Quotient knows a great deal when it comes to CPG marketing. We know about the retail industry, your customers and how to reach them, how to create content that converts, and how to bring this knowledge into a connected engine that delivers the future of CPG marketing. All this knowledge translates into results. Fitting, since the word Quotient means ‘a result.’ We live up to that name. Quotient is The Result of Knowing.

A Connected Technology Engine

Our knowledge comes together in a comprehensive suite that brings together Audience, Promotions, Media, and Analytics as a strategic, integrated cycle that can drive results at scale.

Content that Converts

We see content differently. Instead of churning out static assets, we have the know-how, ad technology, and exclusive data access to create truly personalized, beautiful content at unprecedented scale. We’re delivering the future today.

Consumer Intelligence and Reach

Our unique retailer relationships provide the single biggest point of consumer access data and understanding in the CPG industry – so you can drive the most powerful, informed campaigns out to the widest possible audience.

Unparalleled Industry Expertise

We have the unique and essential combination of deep CPG and retail expertise, as well as the technology acumen of a digital native. With both industries integral to our DNA, we are better placed than anyone else to engineer your success.

The Future of CPG Marketing

The world of CPG marketing is changing rapidly – we know it and you know it. In this shifting paradigm, traditional marketing methods cannot deliver the results you need. At Quotient, we are setting out to define and pioneer the future of CPG marketing with vision and purpose.