Ad Creative and Content Policy For Quotient’s Ubimo Services

Last updated February 25, 2020 This Ad Creative and Content Policy (the “Policy”) describes the types of prohibited and restricted content and creative when providing Quotient with Ads for display and serving on Media Inventory via Quotient’s Ubimo Platform and/or Polaris. Advertisers hereby agree and undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of this Policy. If Quotient suspects that an Ad is in violation of any of the terms and conditions of this Policy, Quotient reserves the right to: (i) stop the specific Ad from running and being displayed; (ii) block certain creative, landing pages, or content; and/or (iii) disable Advertiser’s account in the event of multiple or severe violations of our this Policies, all at Quotient’s sole and absolute discretion. Quotient reserved the right to modify, amend and update this Policy or any part thereof at any time, in its sole discretion. Reference is made hereunder to the IAB’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) contextual taxonomy categorization. PROHIBITED CONTENT Advertisers must not serve Ads which contain or promote the following content:
  • Adult sexual content: IAB25-3 (Pornography)
  • Copyrighted materials: IAB26-4 (Copyright Infringement)
  • Counterfeit goods: IAB26-4 (Copyright Infringement)
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia: IAB26-1 (Illegal Content)
  • Endangered species products: IAB26-1 (Illegal Content)
  • Hate content, sensitive topics and violence: IAB25-5 (Hate Content), IAB25-2 (Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence)
  • Illegal products and services: IAB26-1 (Illegal Content)
  • Incentivized clicks and downloads: IAB25-7 (Incentivized)
  • Spyware and illegal hacking: IAB26-3 (Spyware/Malware)
  • Unauthorized ticket sales: IAB26-1 (Illegal Content)
  • Weapons and weapons accessories: IAB26-1 (Illegal Content)
RESTRICTED CONTENT Advertisers may run Ads that contain the following content, or that promote the following categories of products and services, only after obtaining Quotient’s prior written consent. Advertisers are responsible for contacting its Quotient Account manager prior to running campaigns or Ads, which include any of the above categories
  • Lotteries content:
    • IAB3-7 (Government)
  • Gambling content:
    • IAB9-7 (Card Games)
  • Political campaigning:
    • IAB11-4 (Politics)
  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories:
    • IAB9-9 (Cigars)
  • Alcohol
PROHIBITED CONTENT FOR MINORS Advertisers hereby agree and undertake to not knowingly use the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris to target or re-target to End Users under the age of thirteen (13), nor to websites or apps directed to End Users under the age of thirteen (13). Advertisers are prohibited from using the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris to knowingly advertise the following products or services to users under the age of 21:
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Aerosol paint or etching cream capable of defacing property
  • Body branding such as tattooing, body piercing, or permanent cosmetics
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Dietary supplement products
  • Fireworks
  • Lotteries
  • Projectile, BB, or pellet guns/devices
  • Sexual content
  • Tobacco or tobacco accessories, any controlled substance or paraphernalia, or any substance/material containing Salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A
  • Tanning in an ultraviolet tanning device
  • Weapons, ammunition, or weapons training/certification
PROHIBITED CREATIVE ATTRIBUTES Advertisers are prohibited from serving Ads which contain the following creative features or behaviours:
  • (IAB8) Pop (e.g. Over, Under, or Upon Exit)
  • (IAB11) Ads that do not ask the End User for consent prior to initiating any downloads/installations/services/fees. This includes Click-to-Call and Click-to-Subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary landing page or other reminder that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.
  • (IAB14) Windows Dialog or Alert Style (e.g., any creative that an End User might mistake for an OS or application-level notification rather than an Ad), which includes, but is not limited to, deceptive Ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g., text boxes) and creatives that mimic buttons or icons that claim a functionality that is absent (e.g., play, chat, wink, friends, search buttons)
  • Auto-expand (IAB3) – ads that automatically expand without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch)
  • Auto-redirect – Ads that automatically redirect the End User without the End User’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch)
  • Ads and Advertiser’s use of the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris in such a manner that interferes with the operation of Quotient’s server or network. As an example, Advertiser may not use the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris in a way that interferes with the normal operation of an End User’s device, or otherwise creates a safety or security risk to the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris, Quotient’s customers or End Users.
EDITORIAL CONTENT POLICIES Below are Quotient’s editorial guidelines for the purpose of ensuring positive user experience with creative on the Quotient Platform and/or Polaris:
  • The content must be clear, accurate and of high editorial quality. Content that is misleading, false, gimmicky, or of low editorial quality is prohibited.
  • The content and creative must not include offensive language that could offend or shock End Users (e.g., profanity). (IAB25-4)
  • MRAID close button delay: MRAID interstitial ads must include a close button and adhere to no longer than a 2 second close delay.
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS In addition to the above, Advertiser must provide accurate and true technical information in connection with the following:
  • iURL: The image URL selected by the Advertiser must match the End User displayed image.
  • Landing page: If the landing page is to an app store, it should have the correct app store link (e.g., if the device is an Apple, landing page should go to app store).
  • Adomain:
    • Must match the top level domain for the Advertiser landing page and must be passed with only .com or .countrycode appended (e.g. or
In the case of app store destinations, the domain should represent the app’s equivalent URL and not the full app store URL (e.g., for Candy Crush Saga, the adomain should be “” and not “ “)
  • In the case of apps that do not have a registered domain, please use [app name].com (e.g.