How To Spend Just $38 On A Huge Thanksgiving Dinner


Planning a Thanksgiving feast is no small feat: After all, you’re dealing with a bird that’s the cornerstone of a key American tradition. Plus, you’ve got to factor in the sides, the pies, and all the dizzying odds and ends that will easily nudge your tab up into the three digits.

To save you from an unwelcome surprise at the checkout counter, we turned to expert and Wall Street Journal Sunday columnist Jeanette Pavini for her Turkey Day game plan. This budgeting expert means business: With the help of bulk-buying coupons and other smart financial strategies, Pavini was able to round up the ingredients for an entire Thanksgiving dinner for a shockingly low $37.66. Click on for ten of her foolproof savings tips for T-Day food shopping, and map out your grocery-store visit with similar military precision.

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