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Digital Out-of-Home is a powerful part of an omnichannel campaign, bringing your digital message into the physical world.


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Transcription of Video

We at Quotient are excited to share a new way to amplify your media strategy with Digital Out of Home to drive product consideration and increase sales.

Let’s say you make a great frozen pizza, and you’re ready to sell it at the grocery store. Our campaign will be centered around using our inventory and location of screens to reach the right audiences to buy your pizza. We start our plan with a map. We want to launch this campaign in Chicago, so we’ll look at the available properties there. Under “venue type” we pick the type of inventory we want. For this example, let’s start with digital billboards. But we’ll take it one step further and target in-store screens too. In-store screens are the ones in grocery stores, convenience stores, those kinds of screens. That way, we get shopper attention when they are on their way to and inside the grocery store when purchase intent is the highest.

Let’s talk about location. We want our campaign close to and inside grocery stores in Chicago so we select all the grocery stores we are interested in and choose a one-mile radius around them. We are now ready to pick our audience. Our unique indexing technology analyzes each of these screens against the audiences you want to target. We can import your favorite audiences and combine with Quotient’s first-, second- and third-party audiences. For this example, we think the people most likely to buy frozen pizza are parents of young children and frozen category buyers. We select that audience and pick a score that is higher than average. We should also target people who go to the movies, theme parks and similar activities so we find entertainment enthusiasts and add them to the plan.

The platform now shows properties in Chicago that are digital billboards and in-store screens, within a one mile radius of grocery stores and index higher for people with children, frozen category buyers and entertainment enthusiasts. We see that 232 properties match that criteria. Zooming into each one will reveal their details. The gray ones are filtered out properties that do not match the criteria. If one needs to be added or excluded, you can do that manually. We are ready to activate. Our programmatic Digital Out-of-Home DSP can launch ads based on triggers such as specific days, time for peak shopping or many other criteria relevant to the campaign. We select the criteria, upload the creatives, and launch. Once the campaign is over we can measure brand awareness, store visitation and attributable sales to know just how well the frozen pizza campaign performed.

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