Cookie Policy

Last updated August 21, 2019


As described in our Privacy Policy, Quotient Technology Inc., formerly known as Incorporated (together with our subsidiaries, “Quotient,” “we” or “our”) uses cookies to provide you with a personalized experience, and for advertising. A cookie is a small text file placed through an Internet browser on a user’s computer that corresponds to a data set that we keep on our servers. We also use “third party” cookies, including where we do not have a direct relationship with the user. Our cookies collect information, such as when you view an advertisement, click on an advertisement, or visit one of our advertisers’ websites. On mobile devices, we may also obtain location-based information about your device through our cookies. We use these cookies to achieve our customers’ campaign goals, to ensure that the same Internet browser user does not unintentionally see the same media too frequently, to personalize and direct relevant promotions and content to you, to report aggregate information to our customers regarding the performance of their digital promotions and marketing campaigns, and to detect and prevent fraudulent activity throughout our network. Please review your browser’s Help menu to learn how to manage your cookies.

Interest-Based Advertising Opt-Out

We work with companies like AppNexus, Google Inc., LiveRamp, Oracle Data Cloud, Oath Inc., Adobe, Nielsen, Rakuten, and Experian to serve advertising on and off the websites.

To opt out of certain behaviorally targeted ads for this browser served on our behalf, you can use this tool developed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”), or this tool developed by the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). The DAA and NAI tools offer you the option of opting out from all participating companies, or from only the user-selected companies.

If you opt out of behavioral advertising using either of the above tools, you will still see online advertisements served on our behalf, but those advertisements will not be personalized to your interests.

Please also note the following:

  • The opt-out mechanism above must be set separately for each browser you use; and
  • If you delete the cookies in your browser, your advertising preferences will be reset for that browser, and you will need to opt out again using either the DAA or NAI tools.

For more information about cookies and interest-based advertising, click here for information from the DAA.