Quaker® Boosts Weekly TPR Awareness with Quotient's Promotion Amplification


Incremental Return on Ad Spend


Sales Lift


Clickthrough Rate

"Quotient’s Promotion Amplification greatly expanded the reach and strength of our existing temporary price reduction weeks, which would normally only be communicated on-shelf. This capability allowed us to reach shoppers in a third-party digital environment and notify them of an existing sale when the product might not have made Stop & Shop’s weekly ad or email. This program was even more important as we had to make significant changes to our traditional promotion tactics during a pandemic year. 

Ultimately, it was an effective optimization of marketing & trade support to drive sales lift and incremental return on ad spend."

David Li | Associate Shopper Marketing Manager, Pepsico


  • Breakfast category buyers
  • Stop & Shop shoppers


  • Brand equity messaging
  • "On Sale Now at Stop & Shop"


  • Mobile banner drives
    to product search page
  • Weekly sale price displayed
  • Immediate purchase opportunity

01  The Campaign

During nine weeks of temporary price reductions (TPRs) on its Instant Oatmeal subline, Quaker® wanted to deliver targeted promotions to more consumers beyond Stop & Shop supermarket’s weekly print and digital circular channels.

Quotient’s Promotion Amplification targeted an audience that would not have been aware that a sale price was available to them unless they happened to discover the breakfast product’s TPR at the shelf. The tool effectively expanded the reach of the TPR, creating additional awareness and driving incremental buyers to Stop & Shop.

Integrating retailer pricing and shopper loyalty card data into Quotient’s technology allowed Quaker to reach highly relevant audiences that maximized their campaign’s reach and efficiency.

02  The Solution

Quotient designed a highly innovative and automated program called Promotion Amplification to help Quaker reach targeted audiences outside of the retail store environment.

03  The Results

Quaker tracked its campaign’s effectiveness through Quotient’s Advanced Media Measurement tool, which revealed a $1.20 incremental return on ad spend (iROAS). By delivering high-impact creative messaging to a highly qualified audience, the media propelled Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal labels to a strong sales lift of 6.4%, primarily through increased basket size.

Lift was also seen at the category level, leading to incremental sales for both the brand and retailer. Furthermore, the 0.19% click-through rate (CTR) exceeded the benchmark for this type of campaign.

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