With U, She Can—U by Kotex® Helps Break the Cycle of Period Poverty


New U By Kotex® CVS Shoppers¹


Increase in Walgreens Sales²


Pads Donated from CVS & Walgreen Programs


Social Impressions

01  The Opportunity

The “With U, She Can” campaign leveraged influencers, paid media and retail-level promotions to drive awareness, education and action around period poverty. The brand partnered with The Alliance for Period Supplies to distribute essential menstrual hygiene products through matched donations—empowering consumers to drive a direct impact with qualifying purchases.

 — 02  The Creators

To successfully reach their target audience and drive results, U by Kotex® turned to a series of hand-chosen
relatable content creators that focused on women’s health and empowerment issues.


Providing the everyday woman with curated wellness & lifestyle stories, Lauren Elyce champions body positivity and women's health to her followers.


Monique is a woman whose personal experiences with religious stigmas around periods fuel her female health and social justice conversations.


A medical professional whose mother escaped civil war in Sierra Leone, Marie is passionate about supporting women’s reproductive health in third-world countries.

— 03  The Solution

This campaign resulted in 1.6 million pads donated to the Alliance for Period Supplies

— 04  The Results

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Data Source 1: In the month of August 2021 at CVS compared to the previous 52-week period.  |  Data Source 2: During the month of June at Walgreens compared to the previous month.