Kleenex® Brand Achieves an $18.33 Return on Ad Spend, Driving Purchase with Targeted Digital Out-of-Home Media


Attributable Sales


Return on Ad Spend


Highly visible & relevant screens 

"2020 was a challenging year for all and while our business experienced significant growth during the initial COVID-19 stock up period, our traditionally strongest time of year, Cold and Flu, ended up the softest symptomology season we’ve experienced in at least 20 years. With less buyers, our media had to work harder and smarter than ever before.

Quotient’s DOOH program emerged as an immensely efficient and effective channel for us, and we attribute that to the highly qualified, highly relevant audience we were able to serve."

William Dunn | Brand Manager, Kleenex® Brand

Purchase intent,
consumer spending &
location intelligence

Targeted doctors’ offices, pharmacies & urgent
care facilities

6,447 highly visible &
relevant screens in
20 national markets

cold and flu data

01  Highly Qualified Audiences

Kleenex® was able to pinpoint highly qualified audiences using Quotient’s proprietary purchase intent, exclusive consumer spending and location intelligence as well as 3rd party cold and flu data.

The sophistication of the data precisely identified paper tissue category buyers and brand buyers in geographies experiencing cold and flu triggers with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens, within a 1-mile radius to relevant locations.

02  High-Impact Screens in Top Markets

Kleenex® connected with the right customers at the right time and place by delivering relevant DOOH ads, reaching audiences who would likely purchase Kleenex® near doctors’ offices, pharmacies and urgent care facilities. Category and brand buyers were targeted across 6,447 highly visible and relevant screens in the top 20 national markets. The screens were identified based on multiple layers of targeting criteria, leading to a highly impactful campaign design that drove significant results.

03  Dynamic Media Delivery

Kleenex® ads were activated and shifted dynamically based on multiple triggers and parameters at scale, leading to highly qualified impressions to relevant audiences. The real-time programmatic triggers allowed us to efficiently distribute impressions to DMAs and geographies that mattered the most and optimize during the life of the campaign to make every dollar work harder.

The Results

$18 Return on Ad Spend

By engaging with highly qualified audiences, the campaign was able to achieve significantly above average return on ad spend. Kleenex® drove $4.498M in attributable sales and saw an $18.33 Return on Ad Spend, exceeding benchmarks of $10.01 for the Household category.

Increase in Trial Among Brand and Category Shoppers

By connecting with relevant audiences, Kleenex® encouraged new shoppers to try the brand. 62% of shoppers exposed to the DOOH campaign had not purchased a Kleenex® product in the previous 52 weeks.

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