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Quotient Announcement: New In-Store Digital Out-Of-Home Network Powered by Shopper Data

We are excited to announce our in-store network of Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) inventory. Advertisers can reach high-intent shoppers at the point of purchase with targeted and measurable brick and mortar campaigns in grocery, convenience and drugstore locations using proprietary and exclusive shopper intent and purchase data.   What is DOOH Advertising and Why is it…read more


The Monster Makeup Mash: Trending Beauty Products for Halloween 2020

For beauty-invested consumers, Halloween is like their Super Bowl. However, much like football fans this year, makeup lovers are wondering what their most anticipated event will look like.   Although brands may be a little spooked by the thought of Halloween beauty sales taking a hit this year due to COVID-19, we anticipate shoppers to still be looking for creative…read more