Yahoo! News – 4 Ways to Buy Gifts for Less Than $20


Giving gifts that are affordable but still valued by the recipient is a challenge that follows us all year long. From birthday parties to special events, it can feel like we’re always shopping for that perfect gift, while still staying within our budgets. Here are four suggestions that will keep you well stocked in the gift department:

Coupon without the guilt.

While we have all of the best intentions of getting the perfect gift in advance, sometimes the ever mounting demands of our regular to do list coupled with other commitments derail our plans, forcing us to shop in panic mode for last minute gifts. If you fear showing up to a birthday party or other event without a present in hand, don’t worry. You don’t have to dump your whole wallet on the cashier’s counter because you’re short on time.

Luckily, getting gifts at a discount by using coupons no longer has a stigma attached to the idea. Needing a ton of time is no longer required either.’s savings expert Jeanette Pavini explains that coupons allow shoppers to fill their carts on a tight budget. If you’re clipping away or digitally stocking up on coupons on-the-go for the family and heading out to the mall, then you’re not the only one — most shoppers use coupons and there is no reason to be embarrassed about doing so.

No matter what you decide to give as a gift, gift giving can be more enjoyable when the recipient has to search for their gifts by way of a scavenger hunt. Also consider clutter free gifts for those who want less physical products in their homes. Don’t be ashamed to shop with coupons even for last-minute gifts. You can keep your wallet and recipient happy for less even if you’ve waited until the umpteenth hour and feel like you’re running out of options.


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