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How to Keep Your Brand Safe

From Procter & Gamble CMO Marc Pritchard’s takedown of the “crappy (digital) media supply chain,” to the string of adver­tiser boycotts of Google and YouTube, brand safety and ad fraud were among the hottest marketing…read more

Power of Personalization (Part 2)

Most brands agree: Personalization ranks first among essential elements in driving a successful mobile shopper campaign.1 In the second of our six-part thought-leadership series by Quotient’s Crisp business, we look at what makes personalization such a powerful…read more

With Mobile Ads, Creative Is King (Part 1)

For brands and retailers embarking on a mobile campaign, the temptation is to dive headfirst into data and then more data, rather than smarter creative messaging, content and shopper tools. The pitfall here is that…read more