Submit Receipt

When we released a major overhaul of our earlier this year, we added an important new feature that before had only been available on our Shopmium app: The ability for shoppers to scan receipts with their phone to get cash back on items that have promotional offers. This is a great feature that lets consumers take advantage of offers at stores that don’t yet have a digital paperless coupon program in place – such as Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Shoppers love it. And with adoption and usage of the app growing at a healthy pace, we’ve decided to sunset the Shopmium app in the U.S.

We acquired Paris-based Shopmium in November of 2015. It was, and it remains, a leading receipt-scanning and promotions app in France. Since then, we have also launched Shopmium in the U.K., and many members of the original Shopmium team, who built and launched the app and underlying platform, hold key roles at Quotient in Europe.

While we remain committed to expanding Shopmium across Europe, our key consumer focus in the U.S. is on the app and, of course, the many retailer apps that we support. Our goal is always the same: to make it easy for consumers to save while helping to drive sales for brands and retailers.

-The Quotient News Team