Holistic Value Delivery

Brands often face the challenge of simultaneously employing a promotional strategy that: 1) drives scalable volume efficiently; 2) builds trial, buy rate and loyalty; and 3) supports merchandizing with national content. Quotient’s Holistic Value Delivery solution can achieve all three goals.

The Quotient Promotions Network, a market leader in digital coupons, drives scale and national content to support merchandizing. With a KPI of return on promotional spend, these offers represent the core of any promotional strategy. We then layer in Targeted Offers that use point-of-sale purchase data to target and deliver offers designed to drive trial or buy rate among specific shopper segments. We also incentivize loyalty to ensure repeat customers. Across all offers, Quotient provides measurement to assess performance and insights to optimize the content mix and coupon values in-flight and for future programs.

New Product Launcher

Quotient’s New Product Launcher uses all of Quotient’s cloud platforms to deliver media-amplified value offerings and messaging to precisely the right customers for your new product, at scale, driving measurable increases in awareness and product trial.

We first identify and target the best prospects for your new product launch using proprietary audience purchase data from leading grocery, drug, and mass market retailers, combined with purchase intent data from Coupons.com. We then introduce new products to your target customers with engaging, personalized, mobile-first ad creative which can be embedded with high-value incentives, including digital coupons, targeted offers and Loyalty Rewards. We amplify your program in brand-safe digital media, including partner sites and e-commerce platforms, dedicated brand pages, placements on Coupons.com, and social influencer campaigns. Finally, we measure and optimize real sales results using in-store sales data.

Digital Coupon Accelerator

High impact, contextual, and targeted media can accelerate results for your digital coupon programs. Quotient’s Digital Coupon Accelerator Solution is a media package that leverages Coupons.com and Ahalogy Social Influencer to support national digital coupon campaigns and drive incremental sales impact. This solution leverages advanced CPG media capabilities, including site takeover placements on Coupons.com and social influencer programming powered by the award winning Ahalogy Muse platform. Programs are designed to be targeted and timed in perfect coordination with the digital coupon campaigns to maximize total sales lift. Leveraging Quotient’s Media, Analytics, and Audience cloud platforms and executed with Quotient Media Services, the Digital Coupon Accelerator Solution delivers media programming optimized to meet objectives.

Trade Optimization

Brands spend millions of dollars annually on trade promotion. Quotient Trade Optimization helps to ensure this investment is working as effectively as possible to drive volume, by allowing you to test the reallocation of brand trade funds to digital coupons and see the results. This can help you to stop subsidizing shoppers who are not price sensitive and would purchase your products without a temporary price reduction. For example, if a product’s regular price is $8.99, instead of offering a $2 TPR to everyone, Quotient Trade Optimization lets you test by executing a $1 TPR and a $1 digital coupon. This more efficient “net-down” provides financial benefits by lowering trade funds, which can be reinvested to offset any sales decline and increase the average rate of retail.

Retail Media Services

Quotient Retail Media Services is a full-service digital media buying solution for retailers offering the latest technology, industry partnerships, creative content production, and media team expertise to execute the most effective digital media programming that drives sales results.

Leveraging Quotient’s proprietary Digital Commerce Marketing Cloud and connected ecosystem, we can deploy digital programs with precision targeting, personalization, and optimization to sales results. We also use state-of-the-art creative content capabilities, including the Ahalogy Influencer platform and Crisp dynamic display ad builder technology. Most of all, our teams of media experts use deep experience and knowledge of retail and digital media to deliver the results you need.