Quotient’s digital promotion technology allows brands to create, publish and distribute across all consumer touchpoints. We can promote a range of offers, including national, retail-specific, targeted, loyalty and alcohol; and can amplify programs with personalized digital display and influencer media. This allows for a holistic promotional strategy. By delivering targeted and personalized promotions that are always improving via machine learning, we can reach consumers with promotions wherever and whenever they will be most receptive.

  • 75,000 retail stores use Quotient digital promotions
  • 70%+ of digital coupon redemptions are executed by Quotient
  • 20M+ Coupons.com unique monthly average users (ComScore, Oct. 2018)
  • 60M+ Quotient Promotions Network unique monthly average users (ComScore, Oct. 2018)

Promotions Cloud Products

National Digital Coupons

The Quotient Promotions Network allows brands to create, publish and distribute coupons across all consumer touchpoints with national offers. These include Quotient owned and operated properties like Coupons.com, social media platforms, CPG sites like brand.com, brand landing pages, and retailer properties across the country. The offers are available whenever the shopper wants to engage with them, whether before, during, or after shopping, and however they like to engage, whether on mobile or the desktop, or using load-to-card, print-at-home or digital rebates.

The Quotient Promotions Cloud is designed to get results. As an industry leader in digital promotions content, Quotient drives scalable volume efficiently and supports merchandizing with national content. The sophisticated technology behind the Quotient Promotions Network pushes offers live across the entire Quotient Promotions Network simultaneously, and when a consumer activates/prints the offer from one source, it is removed from all the others.

Retail-Specific Coupons

Quotient’s Retailer iQ platform connects directly to retailer point-of-sale systems, allowing delivery of personalized digital coupons that shoppers can add to their loyalty accounts with a single tap and redeem easily when checking out online or in-store. This multi-channel capability extends across the nation’s largest retailers including Albertsons Companies, Ahold-Delhaize USA, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreens and BJs.

Shopper marketing teams can either distribute these offers directly from Quotient to drive volume within their associated retailer(s), or boost the coupon allotment for their retailer to supplement a national offer already running.

Targeted Offers

Whether your goal is to drive trial, buy rate or loyalty, Quotient can deliver targeted offers pre, during or post shopping using exclusive point-of-sale data accessed through our retailer partnerships.

As an industry leader in scale with 53M targetable IDs representing actual shopping households, Quotient generates and delivers smart targeted content to consumers across touchpoints, whether through email, digital circulars, or coupon galleries. Campaigns include near real-time analytics and insights that demonstrate performance and drive campaign optimization.

Loyalty Rewards

Quotient’s brand loyalty platform helps CPGs build direct relationships with millions of consumers to drive significant gains in marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

CPG brands have long wanted a deeper relationship with their customers, and the ability to market to individual consumers (and segments) in relevant ways through multiple channels. Whether the consumer portal is on a CPG property or a Quotient property, Quotient marries its large-shopper-reach and item-level purchase visibility across 100+ retailers with a customizable loyalty platform and product suite. The collective power of this combination builds brand equity and enables smarter and more efficient marketing. This deep understanding of the consumer at scale is integrated with digital promotion, media and social media to transform CPG marketing and deliver measurable improvement in ROI.