Power of We

As a company, Quotient has always taken steps to get involved with local initiatives for helping our neighbors. Whether it’s at home or through our offices abroad, we feel that it’s up to us to do our part. This is why we encourage all employees to take three paid days off every year to volunteer for causes important to them. We even have an internal tool for helping employees find volunteer projects to do on their own, or join with other colleagues to do, so they can give back as a team.

Throughout the year we are always looking for ways to help others in the community. Once a year we embark on an all-company project. For a couple of such projects we built playgrounds and play spaces to bring life to neighborhoods where crime is common and safe places for children to play, nonexistent. These efforts have transformed neighborhoods and in turn created stronger bonds among those employees who participated. Taken together they’re what Michele Boal, one of our company’s cofounder’s and its Chief Philanthropy Officer, likes to call the Power of We.

Check out these videos that show the Power of We in action: