Popular Shopping-List Mobile App Grocery iQ Goes “Dot Com” with New Companion Web Site,

Web Interface Offers Added Flexibility and Convenience to Grocery iQ Users; Offers List Syncing Among Multiple Web, iPhone, iPad and Android Users

Mountain View, CA – October 14, 2010 – Grocery iQ®, the very popular shopping-list mobile app, went “dot com” today with new companion Web site, With the site, Grocery iQ shopping lists can now be created and managed on the Web as well as with mobile apps for iPhone®, iPad™ and Android™. Incorporated, the developers of Grocery iQ, introduced the new site today to offer added flexibility to users by letting them interact with Grocery iQ in their preferred way: using a mobile app or using a Web browser—or even both. And, with the ability to synchronize lists with other users, family and friends can now share their shopping lists across mobile and Web platforms. is free, as are the mobile downloads.

“Grocery iQ was born a mobile application: first for iPhone, then Android and iPad, and well over a million copies have been downloaded,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Incorporated. “While, users have consistently touted the app for its best-in-class features, including ease of navigation, some have requested access via a Web interface for added convenience at home and work. For those users that have asked for it, we’ve delivered it, with a companion site now at”

List Making is a Pervasive, Commonly-Shared Activity, and Recession-Proof

Third-party research shows that list making is simply part of the American culture. In fact, the vast majority of households create lists before shopping—more than 90 percent in the U.S.1 In addition, list making is cited as a cost-saving strategy expected to continue even as the economy rebounds. And, in the majority of multi-person households, it is a shared activity among residents.

• PervasiveNinety-four percent of U.S. households write a shopping list before heading to the store. Seventy-two percent of shoppers said they rarely or only occasionally deviate from the list; of those, 80 percent bought an unplanned item because it was on promotion, while 67 percent saw it in the store and remembered they needed it anyway.2

• Recession-Driven, Recession-Proof. Sixty-three percent of Americans changed their buying habits because of the down economy. Of these, 88 percent cited keeping a shopping list and avoiding impulse purchases as one of the behavioral changes, only second place after cutting back on dining expenses (91 percent). However, making shopping lists is the No. 1 change consumers said they will stick with, even after the economy bounces back. The No. 2 change, at 90 percent, according to respondents, was continued clipping and using coupons for items they want to buy.3

• All in the Family. Grocery list preparation is a family affair. Sixty percent of married and family households report contributions on the shopping list from other family members. Children provide input to the shopping list in nearly 40 percent of family households.4, Complement to Grocery iQ Mobile adds flexibility and simplicity for users who want to interface with Grocery iQ from a Web browser—often, with a full keyboard and a large display.

“With, users can now create shopping lists on their computers using a Web browser and have those lists easily shared and synchronized with their mobile phones or even with the phones of family members, who are on their way to the store,” said Steve Horowitz, CTO of Incorporated.

Key Features of Grocery iQ include:

• Quickly and Easily Create Grocery Lists

 Auto-suggest: Shoppers can begin typing a product type or brand and Grocery iQ will suggest grocery items to add to lists.

– Favorites and History: Grocery iQ lets users save items to Favorites to make adding frequently purchased items to shopping lists in the future fast and easy. At the same time, Grocery iQ keeps track of shopping history, so users can easily add previously purchased items to lists or save them as favorite items.

– Barcode scanning: Using the camera on their phone, shoppers can scan barcodes on product packaging to automatically add an item to their shopping list. No writing or typing required. (Available on Grocery iQ for iPhone and Android.)

– Voice Input: Grocery iQ hooks into Android’s speech recognition so that shoppers can add items to lists by simply speaking into the phone. It’s accurate and almost effortless. (Available on Grocery iQ for Android.)

• Organize Lists, Make Shopping Easier

– Create lists for different stores: Add items to a specific list or to the global “Any Store” list. Manage as many stores or types of stores as needed.

– Add item details: Enter product quantity, package size, and other product details. Shoppers can also enter price information which is used to calculate the dollar amount of items in their Shopping Cart. Many of these details are automatically entered when added to the list, or shoppers can manually add details they want, such as rock-bottom pricing for certain items.

– Organize items by store aisle: Grocery iQ automatically sorts lists by category. Users can arrange categories to reflect the layout of their favorite stores to have their shopping lists automatically ordered by the store’s aisle arrangement. No more backtracking inside the store, saving shoppers’ time and sparing them from frustration.

• Get Coupons and Save Money

– Coupon gallery: Mobile versions of Grocery iQ include coupons from, allowing users to browse offers and add items to their shopping list by simply selecting coupon offers. Selected coupons can then be printed to supported HP printers connected wirelessly, or emailed for printing later. New offers are added almost daily for top brands consumers love, trust and buy every day.

– Savings Card: Mobile versions of Grocery iQ also offer Save to Card coupons, which are virtual coupons that are loaded directly to grocery store loyalty cards. Save to Card offers are automatically redeemed at checkout—without clipping. The Save to Card capability currently works with loyalty cards from Safeway, Vons, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions and Carrs, with more coming.

• Share Lists to Coordinate Shopping

– Synchronized list sharing. With synchronized list sharing, multiple users can share a single shopping list. If someone is on the way to the store or even already there, no problem—users can add a last-second item to a Grocery iQ list from any supported device and the item is automatically updated on the shared list. Or, split up in the store and get the shopping done twice as fast. Users can manage a Grocery iQ list from a Web browser or a supported mobile device. New versions of Grocery iQ for iPhone and Android are expected to be available soon. The new versions will upgrade the list synchronization feature, among other enhancements.

– Print. Print coupons to connected printers, including HP supported printers connected wirelessly.

– Email: Users can email shopping lists that they wish to print.

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