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More Ways to Achieve Your Goals 2 is an advanced provider of digital promotions and advertising solutions driven by our own proprietary consumer-shopping data. We have a network of brand and retail relationships that unites approximately 17 million unique visitors monthly with some 2,000 CPG brands and retailers that operate approximately 64,000 stores.

Our tool kit of digital solutions is tailored to specific goals and built to combine all online channels—mobile, social, web. We bring together a wide-ranging collection of brands, retailers and shoppers on an advanced digital platform where everyone wins. Consumers get offers, deals and brand messages that are personalized and welcomed. Brands, stores and e-commerce [Link to e-commerce entry] sites gain engagement, loyalty, sales and more-frequent shopping trips by consumers. This is how we drive traffic, incremental purchase volume, product trials and market share.

Offers and messages run on our expansive proprietary network—composed of, a Nielsen Top 100 web property, plus our roughly 30,000 partner and affiliate sites. These include the websites and apps of leading grocery, drug and mass retailers, as well as premier lifestyle sites and popular blogs. The people who see your campaigns on our network are shoppers who make 25 percent more trips, and spend 12 percent more on each trip and 40 percent more overall, than the average shopper[1].

We use both in-store purchase data and online behavior to build and optimize campaigns for brands and retailers. This marriage of online and in-store information reveals what worked and how well it worked for various consumer segments. It’s important to note that the platform’s aggregated data also delivers unprecedented intelligence to brands and retailers about their consumers—intelligence that can effectively personalize every offer and message to further increase sales, intelligence that can optimize returns on each successive promotional campaign.

Our brand and retail partners also get a wide assortment of tools for reaching consumers where they live and plan their shopping—on mobile, social and other prime channels.

The results prove the value of Coupons’ unique solutions, network and multichannel delivery systems: Key metrics, such as awareness and likelihood of purchasing, are two to six times higher than industry benchmarks. [2] We also outperform by driving incremental volumes, sales lift and ROI.’s networked solutions are revolutionizing the way promotions are achieving and exceeding business goals while deepening consumer-shopping insights for brands and retailers.

[1] Source: GfK, “Digital Trends,” 2015 ( custom study based on 52 weeks ending 12/31/14)

[2] Source: Dynamic Logic CPG Category Norms (819 Campaigns measured between Q4 2011 – Q3 2014); CPG Category Norms (25 campaigns)

Updated: 3/31/15