Leveraging proprietary technology with exclusive retailer partnerships, the Quotient Media Cloud offers all of the capabilities required to execute CPG/Retail digital media programming optimized to drive results. The Media Cloud incorporates creative content development tools, rich, personalized media ad delivery, digital media buying across multiple ad format platforms, access to proprietary retail inventory, and integrations with Quotient Audience, Analytics, and Promotions Clouds. The Quotient Media Cloud leverages advanced technology and expert services to ensure quality of media program delivery and optimization to meet or exceed your campaign objectives.

  • Targetable buyer audience of 100 million spanning 20,000 stores
  • Reach 40M monthly active users on Quotient’s owned and operated, low-funnel contextual and brand-safe media
  • Retail Performance Media partners represent $150B in retail sales

Media Cloud Products

Quotient Retail Performance Media

Quotient Retail Performance Media is a turnkey digital media solution designed to help CPGs drive measurable incremental sales with leading retailers with whom we have RPM partnerships: Albertsons Companies, Dollar General, Ahold Delhaize USA, and Giant Eagle. With Quotient RPM, CPGs can market directly to shoppers of these retailers, which combined represent $150 billion in annual retail sales.

RPM combines precise audience targeting using exclusive access to point-of-sale data, personalized creative content designed to drive purchases, access to media inventory including display, search, and sponsored product placements on retailer sites, plus rich analytics to measure and optimize results. Quotient Retail Performance Media is uniquely designed to deliver return on investment results for CPGs in partnership with their key retail customers.

To learn more about our RPM partnerships, please visit our partner sites:

Targeted Shopper Media

Quotient Targeted Shopper Media is a managed service offering that enables CPGs to deliver targeted shopper media programming focused on driving sales at key retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens and many others, leveraging Quotient’s proprietary purchase intent data, creative content, and media services capabilities.

Quotient brings state-of-the-art digital media capabilities to every campaign. Quotient is able to identify and target audiences with a unique combination of its own first-party purchase-intent data from Coupons.com, and data from leading third-party geo-behavioral and modeled purchase segment providers. Quotient delivers relevant and effective creative content using the largest aggregate pool of digital coupons in the market, its proprietary Ahalogy social influencer platform, and its advanced dynamic ad technology. All programs are managed and executed by our team of CPG campaign experts, measured with trusted third-party providers (such as IRI), and optimized to deliver against objectives.

Ahalogy Social Influencer Marketing

Quotient's Ahalogy brand is a market leader in trend-driven influencer content and social media marketing. Every Ahalogy campaign begins with Ahalogy Muse. Muse makes it easy to uncover emerging trends by category, plan ahead with data-driven ideas, and track performance in real-time once a campaign goes live. These trends are used to inspire high-quality, branded content created by Ahalogy’s hand-selected network of 10,000+ premium influencers and content creators. Finally, Ahalogy uses paid media to reach the brand’s target audience. Every campaign impression is delivered using verifiable paid social media to ensure brands are getting what they pay for. We offer ROI solutions and sales impact measurement options, using Quotient first, second and third-party data solutions, to measure impact on sales lift, foot traffic, and conversion.


Coupons.com is a leading site and app for digital coupons, attracting an audience of about 20 million unique visitors each month who are actively planning their shopping trips and purchases. Offering both audience scale and a contextual “shopping” ad environment, Coupons.com provides an ideal environment for messages that can influence CPG product consideration and sales. The destination helps you convey your product message with high-impact media placements, such as site takeovers and dedicated brand pages. Whether you wish to amplify a value-coupon program, or simply drive low-funnel awareness and consideration for a new or existing product, Coupons.com provides a powerful media platform to drive product sales.

E-Commerce Media

Quotient’s e-commerce search and sponsored product media uses on-site, next generation ad tech to match brands product ads with relevant contextual placements throughout our retail partner’s e-commerce purchase processes, improving the shopping experience and providing advertisers with a powerful tool to drive e-commerce sales.

Quotient’s proprietary algorithms, flexible bidding models, and rich analytics allow brands to optimize their e-commerce media programs to drive sales performance. Our technology generates detailed program insights and provides the transparency brands need to develop efficient strategies. This advanced on-site ad tech offers creative integration capabilities that improve shopper personalization, and supports flexible bidding models to help brands maximize opportunities. Our featured products include sponsored search, display ads that directly add-to-cart, and dedicated on-site brand pages.

Digital Circular

The Quotient Digital Circular is a proprietary ad product for retailers that enables the delivery of personalized weekly circular experiences (digital promotions and media) for consumers at scale via digital display and Facebook placements to drive incremental sales.

Quotient leverages its partnership and integration with retailers, its connected digital cloud platforms, and its partnership with Facebook to provide a next-generation digital circular experience that delivers on the digital promise of precise targeting, personalization, and optimization of sales results. Quotient algorithms select the right featured products – down to the individual consumer and store level parameters, dynamically renders creative content, and optimizes based on sales results. With Quotient, retailers can migrate their paper execution to digital in a way that reflects how consumers use media today.

Dynamic Creative

Quotient Dynamic Creative uses proprietary ad technology and services to allow CPGs and retailers to deliver highly personalized digital display creative that results in higher engagement and overall sales impact. Combining the dynamic ad creative building and delivery tool set from the Quotient Media Cloud with our expert creative services teams, Quotient Dynamic Creative generates more relevant digital display experiences for consumers. Quotient Dynamic Creative enables personalized creative ad experiences that can be optimized in real-time using exclusive shopper data from the Quotient Audience Cloud, and near real-time results data from our Analytics Cloud.