How To Get Through Tax Time — Even If You Procrastinated


Most folks don’t look forward to tax time, even if they’re expecting a large refund, because it’s not exactly a fun experience to rehash your fiscal year. Numbers and dollar signs run together. Figuring out which deductions you’re allowed causes anxiety. And simply gathering all your necessary paperwork can suck up your free time. So it’s understandable why people, myself included, have a tendency to procrastinate filing their taxes until the last minute, April 15th — or later, eek. Fortunately, we still have just about a month to get it done, and it really doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience.

To find out how to get through tax time with ease, I spoke with’s savings expert and a contributor to the blog Jeanette Pavini, who is also a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch. She advises consumers on how to save money and maintain a better lifestyle in a way that is easily implemented. When it comes to dollars and cents, Pavini knows what she’s talking about and has the Emmy Awards to prove it. Her money-saving segments were the mainstay to her 30-minute consumer show, The Real Deal, which aired on both CBS and NBC in San Francisco.

Here are Jeanette Pavini’s tips for making tax time less stressful, how to stop procrastinating, and make the best of your tax refund.

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