Grocery iQ® Adds Android™ To Its “List”

Top Shopping List App Now Available for Android™ Devices

Mountain View, CA – March 9, 2010 – Grocery iQ®, the wildly popular shopping application for the iPhone, is now available for Android phones. Designed to make it easy to create and manage shopping lists, the mobile application is priced at 99 cents and is available now in the Android Market. The announcement was made by Incorporated, the leader in digital coupons and the developer of Grocery iQ.

“Grocery iQ has been well received from the moment it was introduced in 2008. Since that time, we’ve continually improved the application with a regular stream of new features and capabilities that make creating and managing shopping lists even better,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Incorporated. “Users love Grocery iQ, and it continues to draw rave reviews. So, we’re really happy that with today’s announcement we can now offer the time- and money-saving benefits of Grocery iQ to the Android community.”

Much Loved, Much Used
Grocery iQ is frequently an Apple App Store Staff Pick, No. 1 in the Paid Lifestyle category and a Top 100 Paid app in the entire store. In addition, Grocery iQ has received rave reviews and accolades from users, bloggers and the media consistently since its introduction in September 2008. A few highlights include:

• The New York Times named Grocery iQ “the best of the grocery-list apps.” July 9, 2009

• Advertising Age called Grocery iQ one of only six applications that “stand out for the impact they’re having on the way consumers shop” in an article titled, “How Mobile is Changing Shopping.” March 1, 2010

•, a very popular mommy blog, included Grocery iQ in its “Top 6 iPhone Apps Moms Will Love.” “Ever get to the checkout line at the grocery store and realize you forgot your coupons at home? With Grocery iQ from, you can store your list and all your coupons in your phone. Snap a picture of a barcode to add items to your list, separate your list by stores, and organize them by aisles for streamlined shopping, and print and email coupons directly from the app. You can also save coupons to your store savings card, and sync up your list with your spouse so you don’t wind up with 8 gallons of milk. Grocery iQ is 99 cents — and it pays for itself many times over.” February 22, 2010

•’s Weldon Dodd noted, the “significant improvements [of Grocery iQ 2.0, including its ability to tap into the cloud] have pushed the app from ‘frequently used’ to ‘indispensable’ on my own iPhone.” “Frankly, I love this app because it actually makes shopping easier than using pencil and paper.” February 26, 2010

Consumer Behavior: Purchasing Decisions and List Making
IRI research† measured that 83 percent of consumers make buying decisions prior to entering the grocery story, a 38 percent increase in just two years. The economic downturn and increased access to information are identified as having played significant roles in the growing trend for planning before entering the store. Experts predict this and other learned savings behaviors will continue long after the economic environment improves.

The research also shows that nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of shoppers explicitly create a grocery list. Shoppers employ lists to save money, speed shopping, reduce trips to the store, bargain hunt, and accomplish other time- and money-saving objectives. Store flyers and coupons are key list-making tools, indicating that marketers benefit by engaging consumers before they reach the store.

“For list makers, Grocery iQ is a game changer,” said Boal. “It gives consumers access and control of their lists during the entire shopping experience—from pre-planning to in-store decision making.”

Grocery iQ: Packed With Useful Features
Grocery iQ includes a long list of features and functions to easily create, organize and share lists, and get and use coupons.

“Grocery iQ solves a pervasive, real-world problem. It makes the process of creating and managing shopping lists fun and easy and ensures that you will never leave your list at home again,” said Steve Horowitz, CTO of Incorporated. “Grocery iQ is list making for the 21st century, and we’re thrilled to now offer the application to the Android community.”

Some of the time- and money-saving features found in Version 2.0 are highlighted below.

• Voice Input: Grocery iQ hooks into Android’s speech recognition so that shoppers can add items to lists by simply speaking into the phone. It’s accurate and almost effortless.

• Auto-suggest: Shoppers can begin typing a product type or brand and Grocery iQ will suggest grocery items to add to lists.

• Barcode scanning: Using the camera on their phone, shoppers can scan barcodes on product packaging to automatically add an item to their shopping list. No writing or typing required.

• Favorites and History: Grocery iQ lets users save items to Favorites to make adding frequently purchased items to shopping lists in the future fast and easy. At the same time, Grocery iQ keeps track of shopping history, so users can easily add previously purchased items to lists or save them as favorite items.

Organize Lists, Make Shopping Easier

• Create lists for different stores: Add items to a specific list or to the global “Any Store” list.

• Add item details: Enter product quantity, package size, and other product details. Shoppers can also enter price information which is used to calculate the dollar amount of items in their Shopping Cart or as a reference for value seekers searching for best prices.

•Organize items by store aisle: Grocery iQ automatically sorts list by category. Users can arrange categories to reflect the layout of their favorite stores to have their shopping list automatically ordered by the store’s aisle arrangement. No more backtracking inside the store, saving shoppers’ time and sparing them from frustration.

Get Coupons and Save Money

• Coupons by category: Click on an aisle from a list to view coupons related to that category.

• Coupon gallery: Grocery iQ includes coupons from, and users can browse offers and add items to their shopping list by simply selecting coupon offers. New offers are added almost daily for top brands consumers love, trust and buy every day.

• Savings Card: Grocery iQ also offers Save to Card coupons, which are virtual coupons that are loaded directly to grocery store loyalty cards. Save to Card offers are automatically redeemed at checkout—without clipping. The Save to Card capability currently works with loyalty cards from Safeway, Vons, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions and Carrs, with more coming.

Share Your List to Coordinate Shopping

• Synchronized list sharing – With synchronized list sharing, multiple users can share a single shopping list. If someone is on the way to the store or even already there, no problem—users can add a last-second item to a Grocery iQ list at home and the item is automatically updated on the shared list. Or, split up in the store and get the shopping done twice as fast.

• Email your lists: Users can email shopping lists at their convenience.

Grocery iQ Pricing and Availability
Grocery iQ for Android is priced at 99 cents and is immediately available in the Android Market. Grocery iQ 2.0 requires Android OS version 1.5 or higher. The application is also available for the iPhone, and versions for other mobile operating systems are in development. App also is in the process of developing an Android version of its mobile application, which is currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The free application allows users to access and browse coupon offers, including coupons they can print for redemption, Save to Card coupons that load directly to their store loyalty card as well as Show & Save coupons they show on their mobile device for redemption at point of sale.

† IRI, Times & Trends, A Snapshot of Trends Shaping the CPG and Retail Industries, October 2009