e-Commerce Promotions

Quotient connects thousands of e-commerce retailers, from Amazon to Nordstrom, to our monthly audience of approximately 17 million frequent shoppers who are looking to save money on everything from cereal to a new handbag.

Quotient addresses this prime audience using a combination of geo-targeting, social media, email, content marketing and website placement to deliver the best results for e-commerce retailers according to their needs.

Our technology reimagined the coupon and helped launch the era of digital personalized offers delivered across the web—including mobile and social. We are well known for pioneering digital grocery coupons that shoppers print at home. But we also deliver thousands of offers daily that are purely digital and can be entered as codes on e-commerce sites or linked directly to a shopper’s credit card, loyalty card or store account. We promote offers for every kind of merchandise, from electronics to fashion accessories. Here is a sample promotion:

The people who visit our site are shoppers who make 25 percent more trips to buy groceries, and spend 12 percent more each trip and 40 percent more on groceries overall, than the average shopper[1]. And they are active on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and other social channels.

Through our flexible custom-advertising solutions, we help e-commerce retailers of any size reach their marketing goals, whether those are raising brand awareness, acquiring new customers or driving incremental sales and basket size. Our campaigns cover the entire shopping experience online and in-store, from desktop to mobile, in order to reach shoppers wherever they’re browsing and convert them into buyers. is one of the only sites trusted by big brands to help control search- engine results through our SEM services. We ensure that only the offers you approve are published, so as to deliver the best possible customer experience within budget and with full data transparency.

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[1] Source: GfK, “Digital Trends,” 2015 (Quotient custom study based on 52 weeks ending 12/31/14)