Engage Consumers and Drive Sales From Digital Channels

Quotient’s pioneering technology can empower FMCG marketers and retailers to deliver offers from their brand-marketing activities that engage consumers and drive in-store sales. Offers can be printed at home and redeemed in-store.

FMCG marketers and retailers can select their most powerful printable offers for delivery on any digital channel—email, websites, social media, ad media or video.

Offers can be used to encourage consumer interaction (such as email opens, website visits) and product purchase from brand-marketing activities that include:

• New Product Launches

• eCRM and Loyalty Programmes

• Brand Campaigns

• Social Media

• Customer Care

• On-Pack Promotions

Once shoppers select an offer online, they print the offer at home and redeem it like any ordinary coupon. But because these offers are delivered to the consumer online, each one both is a secure form of currency and also can be a valuable source of data about the consumer who is printing and redeeming them.

New Product Launches

Encouraging trial is the standout objective of any new-product launch. Brand marketers and retailers can deliver free sample offers from their digital campaigns that complement or replace their traditional in-the-field sampling activities. Consider social sampling via Facebook or Twitter, or follow-up campaigns to drive re-purchase.

eCRM Programmes

Brand eCRM programmes can build brand engagement and loyalty, but only if the message and offer match consumers’ needs. Brand marketers have to give consumers a reason to keep opening emails. The emails must also measurably increase basket spend and purchase frequency while gathering consumer data to power insights that will make marketing more effective.

Brand Campaigns

Marketers are under pressure to deliver better results with lower budgets, so it is vital that campaigns perform to the max. Brands must consider whether they have included a call to action that influences in-store purchase, whether they are rewarding consumer engagement and whether they are measuring the impact of various channels on in-store purchase.

Social Media

Social media is a growing area of investment, but the challenge for many brands is measuring and demonstrating ROI. Brand marketers should ensure that they are able to link social activity to in-store purchase, use social to drive customer acquisition and convert fans into advocates.

Customer Care

The Customer Care team often plays a key role in distributing coupons to consumers. Brands need a solution that helps them prevent costly fraudulent activity and gives them the flexibility to issue coupons of the right value and through the right channels—increasingly, via social media.

On-Pack Promotions

Marketers can support on-pack promotions that direct shoppers online to redeem digital offers. This can make the promotion more attractive to consumers, increase participation levels and drive footfall traffic back in-store.

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