Digital Coupons

Our coupon technology helped launch the new era of personalized offers that are delivered across the web—including mobile and social.

Some of these offers are printed by individual consumers in their homes. Others are purely digital and saved directly to the shopper’s loyalty card or store account. Either way, each offer is both a secure form of currency and a source of invaluable data about the shoppers who are accepting and using them.

Because all offers are delivered online, each carries a unique digital stamp that reports such things as the website where the offer was found, the site that referred the consumer to the offer and the time of the coupon’s selection. We also know where the coupon was redeemed and what was purchased.

Our reach is expansive, with most offers running on, a Nielsen Top 100 web property, and our roughly 30,000 partner publisher sites. Those include the websites of leading grocery, drug, mass and dollar retailers, as well as premier lifestyle sites and popular blogs. The people who see your campaigns on our network are shoppers who make 25 percent more trips, and spend 12 percent more on each trip and 40 percent more overall, than the average shopper. [1]

In addition, our technology lets you easily include coupons across your marketing channels, whether in emails, on websites or on social networks, such as Facebook. You can also target coupons according to geography and in–store buying behavior.

In fact, Quotient is one of the few marketing-data providers that can link online behavior to in-store purchase data. This perfect marriage of online and in-store data provides our clients with unprecedented intelligence about purchase intent and their consumers’ shopping patterns—intelligence that can further optimize returns on each promotional campaign.

Capturing and aggregating this kind of end-to-end, cross-platform information across all devices, all channels and thousands of retail outlets has been the goal of marketers since the advent of the digital age. Quotient makes it easy for you to make all your promotions smarter.

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[1] Source: GfK, “Digital Trends,” 2015 (Quotient custom study based on 52 weeks ending 12/31/14)