Digital Advertising

When brands and retailers place their digital advertising through Quotient, every ad across digital channels—social, mobile, web—is delivered intelligently to the shoppers who in the very near future are most likely to buy what you’re selling.

Quotient has reimagined the coupon as a digital data-collection tool. On our site or anywhere on our network of approximately 30,000 publishers and mobile properties, if a consumer clicks on an offer, we know about it and that action is entered in our shopper database in real time. We can track where each shopper first encounters an offer, how they interact with the offer, whether they click on it to find out more and whether they print the coupon.

Most targeting data tells you what people were interested in or bought in the past. What makes us different is all the unique data that reveals what people intend to buy next. Whether they are searching for product categories, clicking on coupons or adding something to a shopping list app, we capture all that data about future buying intentions, and we apply it to target your ads more effectively.

But that’s just the start. Our mobile shopping lists, available through our apps or those of our retail partners, help shoppers create lists as they prepare to go to the store. That means we know in real time what products are on their shopping lists, the definition of purchase intent. That information, along with data captured at the point of sale, enhances our ability to target the right shoppers, all the time.

Quotient is the only marketing company in our space that has this level of purchase-intent data, and we’re the only ones who can use it to deliver your online ads to the right people.

Who, exactly? Those you want to reach most: predominantly moms, who make most of the purchases for the household. Most importantly, our highly engaged audience is composed of people who buy more than most shoppers, shop more frequently and spend more on each shopping trip and on all trips combined.

Specialized parts of our digital ad offerings include:

• Brand Sponsorships—The most powerful ad buy available on Quotient, they make your brand the most prominent on our network for the period of the buy. They can include various customized homepage opportunities, mobile ads, Brand Destination Pages, special branded content and multiple offers.

• Brand Destination Pages—We create a full page for your brand that is located on or on a retailer’s site. This page is optimized for search engine visibility and can include video and display ads that connect directly to your coupon offers. Your Brand Destination Page can aggregate all your offers, becoming the page that other ads and messages—social promotions, mobile geo-targeted ads and so on—point to.

• Targeted Display Ads—We use our rich data to place targeted ads across our network, on other sites across the web, on mobile properties and on Facebook.

• Native Ad Units—Placed within the coupon gallery on, these ads direct shoppers wherever you’d like them to go, including your Brand Destination page.

If you want to increase the reach of your ads beyond the extensive Quotient network, you can use our Audience XtendTM tool to target our audience and audiences similar to ours anywhere on the web.

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