Digital Media

When advertisers buy through the Quotient Media Exchange, known as QMX, ads are delivered intelligently, relying on exclusive data that lets us serve targeted media across mobile and the web.

QMX_logo-smQMX incorporates purchase data from retailers across the Quotient Retailer iQ network, which enables brands to reach a national audience or a specific target set of shoppers. We combine in-store transaction data with online engagement and purchase-intent data from our flagship consumer website and mobile app,, and our thousands of publishing partners. Our proprietary and connected data allows Quotient to make intelligent predictions about what shoppers are planning to buy, and when they are planning to shop next.

Through QMX, advertisers can run digital campaigns targeted at consumer segments based on category of purchase, brand or store affinity, geolocation, or build custom segments that serve brand objectives. QMX has a potential audience reach of more than 100 million in the U.S.

We serve these ads on leading publishers, including social media properties such as Facebook, our many retailer partner sites, as well as Quotient’s vast network of mobile and web properties, including Additionally, QMX can integrate media with digital coupons through the Quotient Retailer iQ platform, offering brands a unique ability to combine targeted brand equity messaging with effective consumer conversion that drives sales.

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